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Symmetry Art with Coffee Filters

We were in need of a simple rainy day art project, and these symmetrical designs on coffee filters were fun for both kids and grown-ups. A wet coffee filter is the canvas for this project, and it’s a really interesting texture to draw on with markers. I think you and your kids will have a blast making a big stack of these!

Drawing on wet coffee filters

Supplies for Coffee Filter Symmetry Art

  • Paper coffee filters – Pick these up at the grocery store or get some over-sized ones at Discount School Supply. We love having these on hand for projects!
  • Markers
  • Foam brush or sponge
  • Water

Set-up your work area with a mat or stack of newspaper. The markers will bleed through the wet coffee filter, so protect your work surface.

Fold a coffee filter in half and use a foam brush or sponge to wet both sides. You want it to be completely wet, but it doesn’t need to be dripping.

Prepping a coffee filter for drawing

Using markers, draw on the coffee filter, creating any kinds of designs you like. You could follow the shape of the coffee filter with arched designs, draw lines and shapes coming out from the center, or just make random doodles all over.

Symmetry art with coffee filters

When you are finished drawing, it’s time for the big reveal! Carefully open the wet coffee filter and check out your perfectly symmetrical design. We loved this part the most!

Coffee filter symmetry art for kids

Here’s another one that my 12-year-old made with all kinds of random lines and squiggles:

Drawing on wet coffee filters

And, the finished product!

Symmetry art project for kids

Pizza anyone?

Coffee filter pizza art

As you can see, we had such fun making these.

Coffee filter symmetry art

They are kind of addicting! The colors will continue to bleed and soften a bit as the filters dry. So colorful and fun!

Coffee filter symmetry art project for kids

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