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Top 5 Kid Craft Supplies to Have on Hand

Kids are always on the go and it’s a good idea to be prepared for what ever project or activity they might want to tackle next. I’ve put a list together of my top 5 kid craft supplies. These will help you and your kids stay crafty any time a project is ready to be created!

1. Glue: My personal favorites are glue dots which are available at most craft stores. They are easy to use, don’t make a mess, and keep things secure. The next preferred glue is a glue stick. Less mess, but sometimes you have to add a little more to it to make it stick, and if you don’t attach the lid tight, it does dry out. An all-purpose craft glue, or white school glue, does the job too. But make sure you have enough time for the drying, as it’s usually overnight.

2. Pipe Cleaners (aka chenille stems): These are a staple at our house. There are so many projects that can be created with these. With fun tutorials out on the Internet to make all kinds of creations using one or two pipe cleaners, it’s practically endless fun. They can be twisted, looped, threaded with beads or small cut straws, and even curled. A must-have children’s craft supply.

3. Craft Foam Sheets: This is a great supply to have on hand. It comes in bright colors, it’s more playable than paper, fairly sturdy, easy to cut and glue, even write on, and can bend and loop into fun shapes or hats.

4. Googley Eyes: These are just too much fun NOT to have in your basic children’s craft supplies. Googley eyes always make a fun crafty project. Googley eyes can be added to everything, such as paper plates, lunch sacks, popsicle sticks, frames, buttons, etc. I like to glue dots to the back of these to help them stick to almost any surface.

5. Crayons: The classic supplies for any children’s craft projects are crayons. You always need some sort of writing utensil and crayons are perfect for little hands. You can get them small or chunky, depending on the size of your child’s fingers. I like to buy the mega box of crayons, as it comes with a crayon sharpener. And most children like a nice pointy crayon.

What are your favorite kid craft supplies?


  1. Tenemos todo eso y es super importante. Tambien cartulina de colores, papeles de diferentes tipos, corchos, y todo tipo de cosas recicladas ;) tubos de WC, papel periodico, revistas, cartones de huevo… ;)

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