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Valentine Candy Trains

On a recent trip to the store, I made a detour into the aisles (and aisles!) of Valentine’s Day candy. I love checking out the seasonal wrappers, and remembered making cute candy trains for Christmas some years ago. I thought a red and pink Valentine-inspired candy train would be pretty cute, too. What a good excuse to grab a bunch of candy and experiment!

Valentine candy trains are simple enough to make with the kids, or surprise them with on Valentine’s Day. A sweet treat, for sure!

Valentine candy trains

For each Valentine candy train, you will need:

  • 1 tube mini M&Ms
  • 7 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures
  • 2 mini candy bars (such as Hershey’s Miniatures)
  • 1 chocolate heart
  • 1 Lindt Lindor truffle

Each candy train takes just minutes to assemble, and you can use adhesive dots or a glue gun to attach the candy pieces. If you are making a bunch, set up an assembly line with your kids! We used adhesive dots, and that’s what I would recommend using if the kiddos are helping.

The tube of mini M&Ms is the main body of the train. If you like, remove the label on the tube before assembling.

For the wheels, attach three Reese’s miniatures to each side of the M&Ms tube.

Candy trains for Valentine's Day

Next, make the driver’s cab by stacking and gluing another Reese’s miniature and two mini candy bars.

Valentine candy train craft project

When we were browsing the candy aisles, we saw the Lindt truffles and thought they would make perfect smokestacks for our trains. The white wrapper end can look like a puff of smoke! Use an adhesive dot to flatten and secure one of the wrapper ends against the truffle, then attach that same end to the front of the train.

Valentine train truffle smokestack

The finishing touch is a chocolate heart attached to the front of the train (the tube lid). Such a cute and tasty Valentine candy train!

Valentine candy trains for kids

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