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Valentine’s Day Heart-Punched Treat Plates

Heart punch a few sweet treat plates for Valentines! Wrap them in ribbon and they’re ready to gift to family and friends for Valentine’s Day! We’ve crafted ribbon treat plates before, but this time we used a heart shaped punch to make them a little more festive for this month’s holiday.

Heart-Punch Treat Plates for Valentine's Day

I’ve just taken a photo styling class from the lovely Brittany of House That Lars Built and Mete of One More Mushroom. It was fun to style the photo below with a little more whimsy than I’m used to doing! Mad props, ladies!

Heart Punch Plates for Valentine's Day Treats

Supplies for Heart Punched Treat Plates:

  • paper plates
  • heart hole punch – you can do this with a regular hole punch too
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • treats

Heart Punch Valentine's Day Plate Supplies

1. Line up your hole punch with the edge of your plate and punch. I like to do it backwards to I can see where it’s actually going to punch.

Heart Hole Punch for Valentine's Day Plates

You can punch your holes in all sorts of different patterns. Get creative!

Paper Heart Punching Plates for Valentine's Day

2. Thread your ribbon through each of your heart holes. Make your way all around your plate and tie a ribbon at the end. NOTE: if you find your ribbon on the under side of the plate, loop it back through another hole to pop the ends to the top to make a nice bow on the front.

Threading Ribbon in Heart Hole Punch Valentine's Plates

You can go up and down or around and around. Every style has a different look with the different pattern of holes you punch, but all fun!

Ribbon Wrapped Valentine's Day Heart Punched Plates

I especially love the 2 holes punch together – it made a cool square look with the ribbon. It’s my favorite.

Valentine's Day Heart Hole Punched Treat Plates

Now they are ready for a sweet treat. Add candy or cookies, wrap it up in clear plastic cellophane with more ribbon, and it’s ready to gift to your Valentine!

Heart Valentine's Day Treat Plates

Here are 7 sweet treats to add to your new heart punched plate:

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