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Washable Paint Frisbee Game

Hello, it’s Toni from Design Dazzle here today. Thank you to Make And Takes for letting me be a part of their fun summer ideas – Get Out And Play Summer Series! I enjoy sharing lots of fun kids ideas, DIY, parties, crafts and more. Please come over for a visit!

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

Need something to keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays? Something they can do all on their own? Here we have a fun Frisbee game kids of all ages will enjoy. And the best part is, no adult help is needed.The kids can mix their own paint, paint the sidewalk or driveway, and play the game without any help! It’s a great way to help improve their self-reliance. Kids will have a great time creating their own point system and rules for a customized game of Frisbee! They will enjoy the outdoor Frisbee game with washable paint.

Washable Paint Frisbee Game

Materials needed:

  • Frisbees
  • Squeezable Bottles
  • Old Paintbrush
  • Cornstarch
  • Washable Kids Paint

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

I got the majority of my supplies at a craft store, but these materials shouldn’t be hard to find in other stores.

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

First, have the kids pick their favorite colors of washable kids paint. Then, mix one cup of cornstarch with about 3/4 cup to 1 cup of water to make the washable chalk paint. You can add more or less water if needed; this recipe is very forgiving. Once the cornstarch is dissolved, add in the washable kids paint until it is the shade your child desires. (The dried paint is very light once it has dried, so I recommend making a darker shade of paint). Use a funnel to pour the mixed paint into a squeezable bottle. This paint washed right off my driveway. Always do a test spot before your kids go to town painting. You probably don’t want a forever painted driveway!

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

After the kids have finished making their paints, it’s time to get creative! Have your kids find a nice, safe spot on the driveway or sidewalk and let them have at it! The squeezable bottles make it easier for them to paint, and it’s also less messy. Then they can use an old paintbrush to spread the paint as they please.

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

For the outdoor game I came up with for kids to play, I made five different shapes and gave each one a number. The numbers represent how many points each shape is. Toss your Frisbee out, and aim for the one with the highest points! Kids can then keep score to see who wins, or simply just find joy in landing their Frisbee on a shape.

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

I enjoyed playing this game. We kept backing up to see who could land the flying disk in the best spot. I gave it a throw and made 65 points on my first try. I even made the bullseye – although I was aiming for the flower! : ) We have a ridiculously large driveway so this was the perfect spot to play this. Make sure to always supervise kids when playing outdoors!

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

Frisbee game with outdoor washable paint | Design Dazzle

Of course, there are many different ways kids can set up their outdoor game. It’s all up to the imagination! Either way, they’ll have a blast.

More Frisbee Outdoor Activity Ideas:

  • Passing Game– Get into teams of two, and see which team can pass to their other teammate the longest without dropping the Frisbee.
  • Tag Team Race– Fill two Frisbees up with water. Have two teams try to carry the filled frisbee back and forth across the yard the quickest without spilling the water. Whichever team goes through all of their teammates first wins!
  • Frisbee Bowling– Set up ten bottles and have your kids throw Frisbees at them to knock them down.

More Washable Chalk Paint Ideas:

  • Instead of Frisbees, use water balloons!
  • Art Gallery
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Hopscotch
  • Twister
  • Advanced Hopscotch– Write out commands such as “twirl around” and “touch your toes” for each square instead of a number.
  • Alphabet Game– Write out the alphabet and have your child come up with words or actions that start with the letter they stand on.
  • Create constellations

I hope these ideas I’ve shared have given you some inspiration to get your kids outside enjoying the beautiful summer. Where I live it gets pretty hot quickly. So if it gets hot where you live, I would suggest doing these activities in the early morning or evenings when it is cooler.

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