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Christmas Tree Paper Chain Advent Calendar

December is full of countdowns and we love to countdown to Christmas. Each day leading up to the holidays is exciting and magical. Why not celebrate each day in December with a fun advent calendar?!

Christmas Tree Paper Chain Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Paper Chain Advent Calendar

Here’s our advent calendar for the next 25 days. We’ll be taking off one of these paper chains until we get to the top on Christmas morning! It’s kid-friendly and super simple to make for young crafters. It can be hung from a fireplace mantel, a staircase railing, a wall, or a door!


  • 25 strips of paper – 19 green strips, 5 red strips, 1 yellow strip
  • tape, glue or stapler


Tape paper strips around one another in the form of a tree. TIPYou may have to look at this photo to see how I did it, because it took some time to get it right!

Row 1: Start with the yellow to a green.
Row 2: Hang 2 more green off your first green.
Row 3: The next row has 3 paper chains, one off each of the 2nd row and 1 in the middle of those.
Row 4: Hang 2 off each of the 2 edge chains from row 3.
Row 5: The next row has 5 paper chains, one off each of the 4th row and 2 each in the middle of those.
Row 6: Hang 2 off each of the 3 chains from row 5.
Row 7: The next row has 3 chains for the “trunk”. Hang 2 sideways off of the middle 4 chains from row 6 and one in the middle of those.

Take a look at the image above to follow the pattern, it’s a bit tricky to explain!

More advent calendars counting down to December 25th:


  1. What a cute idea. My kids love counting down the days until Christmas. We’ve had lots of different kinds of Advent calendars, candles where we burn one marked section every day, etc. but we’ve never done a chain. I think I’ll try it this year! Thanks for the example.
    Another simple hands-on Advent activity we’ve done for very little ones is to have figures of Mary and Joseph on a shelf, console or table-top. Count out 24 pebbles and have them in a bowl or basket. Let your small child add one stepping stone for Mary and Joseph’s path each day as they make their way to their destination (which can be a stable, or as simple as a gold star placed on the other side of the table.)

  2. I’ve been trying to come up with Advent ideas for our two year old. These are great ideas. I want to do something simple but engaging. We’ve got a crazy schedule that changes all the time so it’s hard to plan activities, but I’m down right determined to come up with something to share the spirit of the season with her.

  3. So cute! My young kids struggle with grasping exactly how long it is until the next big event (of which Christmas is probably the biggest all year!), and your cute little holiday countdowns are perfect! Have you ever done one for a birthday?

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