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WellSpring Family Services Giving Together Event

With the holidays upon us, a season of giving, I was happy to have partnered up with a local organization, Wellspring Family Services, for their annual Giving Together concert. Wellspring provides all kinds of help, supplies, and education for families in need. They recently held a celebration event for all the children who were involved in this year’s Kids Helping Kids campaign.

Caspar Babypants concert

They invited Caspar Babypants, pictured above – a fabulous children’s music celebrity (and lead singer of The Presidents of the United States!), to host a concert at the event. He knows how to get the kids bee-boppin’! He can play some mean Beatles songs!

I was happy to provide a fun and festive kid’s craft table as well. We made bell ringers, beaded pipe cleaner bracelets, tinsel snowflakes, and ribbon & lollipop stick wands!

Kids Craft Event at @Wellspring_FS @makeandtakes.com

I love what Wellspring is doing to help families in need. The Kids Helping Kids campaign is what drew me in. It’s all about kids bringing coin banks house to house, simply asking for your loose change. Everyone has a few pennies, dimes, or quarters they can spare. And you’ll be surprise how much so little can add up to.

Kids Helping Kids campaign with @wellspring_fs @makeandtakes.com

See how Kids Helping Kids got started, with this darling girl, Rena.

I was thrilled to be part of the event. My children are excited to start going door to door in our neighborhood filling up our coin banks to donate. Whether you’re local to Seattle or not, you can help by donating what you can to Wellspring. See them on facebook and twitter to follow what items they are in need of for families they serve. Sometimes it’s simply a few pairs of socks!

What fun things are you involved in giving together, providing service for those around you this holiday season?


  1. Um, this is amazing! I love that MakeandTakes is doing such great things in the world! Way to be a force for good. Love love love it!

  2. Um, I would have TOTALLY been star struck!! Caspar Babypants… talk about a flashbacks.. I used to be a mega fan. How cool!
    The event looks like such a wonderful time… the kids look like they are having so much fun!

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