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We’re Scoping for Santa with our Paper Tube Binoculars

There’s a lot of Santa talk at our house lately. What cookies does he like, how many reindeer help pull his sleigh, how’s he going to fit through our fireplace? I thought it might be fun to make a few paper tube binoculars to help us scope Santa out and see if we can answer a few of our questions. The kids are hoping they’ll be able to scope him out on Christmas Eve.

Supplies Paper Tube Binoculars:

  • recycled paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • holiday paper
  • double sided tape or glue
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • cotton balls, optional

1. Cut your paper towel tube in half evenly. Trim one side if they don’t measure up even.

2. Measure and cut your colored paper to wrap around your paper tube. You will need 2 pieces of paper, one for each tube.

3. Add some glue or tape to one side of the paper and attach it to the paper tube.

4. Add another strip of glue or tape to the inside of the paper and roll up your paper tube to the paper, securing the paper around the tube.

5. With another strip of tape or a line of glue, attach the two paper tubes together side by side.

6. Punch a hole on one side of the binoculars and one hole on the other side.

7. Cut a length of yarn, about 2-3 feet, and tie a knot through both holes of the binoculars, making a sort of necklace.

You can add some stickers, glitter, or even a few cotton balls around the edge. Then it’s ready to see if you can scope out Santa.

He’ll be on his way soon!

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  1. I think I’ll try this with my girls today. Looks like lots of fun! What would the cotton balls be for if we wanted to use them?

    1. You can add them as 3D polka dots all over the binoculars or line them around the edge of the tubes. Anyway you add them is great. Have fun!

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