With the Kids

Winter Glove Puppets

I wrote a fun Winter Glove Puppet tutorial that is featured over at Whip Up. This is a great craft for the kids to do or help with. We have been singing “Old Macdonald” all day!


I bought these winter gloves at Wal-Mart at $1.47 for two pair and they come in lots of colors. There are child sizes and adult sizes. These are adult sizes, but the kids can put them on too.


The supplies I used were felt, pom pons, fabric markers, and tacky fabric glue. You really could use any crafty item to create your puppets. I have purchased a set of fabric markers and they have lasted me a couple of years. I think they were a great investment, each marker was about $2. For the glue, you can use a hot glue gun, but I didn’t mind using the fabric glue and waiting a little bit for it to dry.


Decide what your puppets are going to be. I chose Old MacDonald’s Farm. You could do story book characters like, Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Hen, 5 Little Monkeys, or 4 Green Speckled Frogs and have the thumb be the log. My son wanted to make a Dinosaur Alien puppet. He designed it himself.



I cut everything out first for each finger and placed them on to see if they worked. Then I glued each piece on. You will need to wait at least one hour, maybe more just to be sure. I did have to re-glue one or two places, and I may have to in the future. That is why hot glue would be better, but it is just hot and messy sometimes.


Now you have a fun new puppet. You can sing the song or read the fairytale as you play with your puppet. I am going to bring it in the car for a little playtime distraction. It’s also a great toy for church or in line at the grocery store.




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