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100+ Winter Kids Crafts to Beat the Winter Blues

January can be a hard month to get through so we’ve got 100+ winter kids crafts to beat the winter blues. We’re just getting past all the December holiday excitement and the month tends to drag on. The snow is still icy, the weather is cold, and the skies are grey. Well, let’s muster up the energy to keep things going by getting crafty with the kids! These winter kids crafts will get your kids (and you!) excited about the winter months ahead. These crafts will teach them about all of the winter animals, how snowflakes look up close, and so much more.

100+ Winter Kids Crafts

100+ Winter Kids Crafts

We’ve put together loads of ideas to help us all get through these Winter Blues.!

Winter Snowflake Crafts

Snowflake Crafts:

1. Snowflake Tic Tac Toe Game

2. Coloring Coffee Filter Snowflakes

3. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

4. Crystal Snowflakes via Little Bins for Little Hands

5. Macaroni Snowflakes via Katy Elliot

6. Winter Snowflake Stamp via Sugar Aunts

7. Paper Tube Snowflake Stamps

8. Cardboard Yarn Snowflakes via SNAP!

9. Super-Simple Gigantic 3-D Snowflake via Lasso The Moon

10. How To Make Better Paper Snowflakes via Handmade Charlotte

Boredom Buster Crafts To Do Inside

Boredom Buster Crafts To Do Inside:

11. Snow Shooters via Growing A Jeweled Rose

12. 5 Fast Friendship Bracelets via Live. Love. Craft.

13. DIY Marble Roll Game via One Crafty Place

14. Footprint Penguins via Meet the Dubiens

15. Wiggle Eye Drawings via House of Baby Piranha

16. Snow Mitten Letter Scramble Game

17. Paper Tube Bobsled Race

18. Rainbow Pasta Bracelets

19. Glow Stick Tic Tac Toe

20. Sticky Note Window Pictures

21. Winter Glove Puppets

22. Handprint Penguin Craft via Crafty Morning

Winter Art Projects

Winter Art Projects:

23. Frosty Winter Art via Nurture Store

24. Q-Tip Snow Painting Kids Craft

25. Watercolor Brush Indent Designs

26. Crafting a Wintery Wonderland

27. Silly Symmetrical Mitten Art

28. Crafting Winter Animals that Shred

29. Stunning Winter Tree Silhouette via Inner Child Fun

30. Winter Pine Trees via Art with Mrs. King

31. Stained Glass Mitten Window Decor via Kinder Craze

Winter Food Crafts

Winter Food Crafts:

32. Marshmallow Names via Fun-A-Day!

33. Polar Bear Cookies via Hungry Happenings

34. Homemade Snowflake Marshmallows via Skinny Taste

35. Snowglobe Cake via Janice’s Mash-Up

36. Sweet Winter Wonderland via Hoosier Homemade

37. Gingerbread Boy and Girl Pizzas

38. Snowman Milkshake via Whisk

39. Sweet and Crunchy Tortilla Snowflakes

40. Hot Cocoa Party Ideas

41. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

42. Mini Cookie Dipped Snowmen

43. Winter Dipped Desserts

44. Sunny Day Snowman Cookies via Land O’Lakes

45. String Cheese Snowmen via NoBiggie

46. Snowman on a Spoon

Snowman Winter Kids Crafts

Snowman Crafts:

47. Paper Tube Stamped Snowman

48. Stitch Up a Snowman Button Card

49. Snowman “On The Go” Kit

50. Crafty Snowman Magnets

51. Smiling Snowman Envelopes

52. The Snowman Melted via Lucky Me!

53. Snowman Footprint T-Shirts

54. Snowman in a Jar via Small For Big

55. Paper Plate Snowman via Crafty Morning

56. Foam Cup Snowman via Kids Activities Blog

57. Snowman Marshmallow Stamping via Play Create Explore

58. Snowman Hot Cocoa Gift

59. Recycled Grovery Bag Snowman

60. Glitter CD Snowman

Simple Science Winter kids Crafts

Simple Science Winter Crafts:

61. Shivery Snow Paint via Growing A Jeweled Rose

62. Suncatcher Craft via Babble Dabble Do

63. Super Bouncy Snowballs via Coffee Cups and Crayons

64. Borax Snowflakes via A Girl and a Boy

65. Snow Storm in a Jar via Growing A Jeweled Rose

66. Frozen Bubbles via Housing a Forest

67. Frozen Volcano via Growing A Jeweled Rose

68. Winter Snowflake Slime via Learning Through Playing

69. Ice Sculptures via The Artful Parent

70. Crystal Snowflakes via Blissfully Domestic

Snow Day Winter Kids Crafts

Snow Day Winter Crafts:

71. DIY Snow Paint via The SITS Girls

72. Recycled Milk Jug Snow Scoop

73. Ice Ornaments via Red Ted Art

74. Orange Bird Feeder via Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

75. Duck Tape Sleds via Artzy Creations

76. Water Balloon Marbles via Fertilome

77. Snow Tic Tac Toe via Parents

78. Snowshoe Monster Feet via Apartment Therapy

79. Snowy Obstable Course via The Inspired Treehouse

80. Coloured Ice Sculptures via Happy Hooligans

81. Snow Bakery via Inner Child Fun

82. Painting Ice Rocks via Play Dr Mom

83. Homemade Snow Playdough via Nurture Store

Winter Kids Crafts Animal

Animal Winter Kids Crafts:

84. Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids via Danielle’s Place

85. Polar Bear Plate Craft via Fragile Earth Blog

86. Paper Cup Penguin Craft via The Seasoned Mom

87. The Little White Owl Craft via I Heart Crafty Things

88. Hedgehog Craft Using a Fork via Crafty Morning

89. Polar Bear Masks via I Heart Crafty Things

90. Arctic Animal DIY Paper Fans via Mr Printables

Winter Kids Crafts Worksheets and Printables

Winter Kids Crafts Worksheets and Printables:

91. Winter Mad Libs via Classrom Jr.

92. Winter Word Search via Print This Today

93. Snowman Sight Word Bingo via Teachers Pay Teachers

94. Build a Snowman via Education.com

95. January Writing Activites via Teachers Pay Teachers

96. Marshmallow Counting via The Playtime Press

97. Snowflake Word Activity Worksheet via Ziggity Zoom

98. Free Printable Dot to Dot Pages via All Kids Network

99. Winter Riddle Math Worksheet via First Grade a la Carte

100. Colorful Winter Hats via Made By Teachers

101. 30 Stuck Inside Games via Kids Activities Blog


  1. The weatherman says we should top out in the teens today. If my calculations are correct, that’s about 50º south of short wearing weather.

    What’s a guy going to do?

    If you’ve got the skiing bug, the twilight pass at Sundance is a good option. (That is if you live in Utah County.) For something like fifteen bucks, you can go and ski the last two and a half hours of the ski day. And if your in the kind of shape I’m in, that about as much as you can ask of your bod.

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