With the Kids

Winter Olympic Snowball Ring Toss

Today’s Winter Olympic event is the Snowball Ring Toss. We’re trying to get 5 snowballs (or marshmallows) into each of the 5 Olympic rings! It may look like a simple task, but it’s harder than it looks! We had to go around a few times and practice as this event takes some skill!

Supplies for Snowball Ring Toss:

  • marshmallows, mini or regular
  • 5 Olympic colored pipe cleaners, blue, black, red, yellow, and green

Loop your pipe cleaners into a circle and twist the two ends together. Place all 5 circles in their order of the Olympic rings.

Standing a few feet away from the rings, try tossing a marshmallow into each of the 5 rings. Here’s my first attempt above, with only 3 making it in! I’m not sure if I’m Olympic quality, but I’m going to keep practicing, hoping to make the Olympic team!

We’re celebrating the Winter Olympic Games all week. To see more fun and sporty activities, check out the Winter Olympic Games for Kids series. Go for the GOLD!


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