With the Kids

Wooden Spoon Puppets

My son loves to do a puppet show for anyone who goes into the bathroom with wooden spoons. He sticks the spoons under the door and does silly voices. I think it is sooo funny. So when I saw this idea for Wooden Spoon Puppets in the Parent and Child Magazine, I had to make them for my kids. I love this idea to glue on hair, clothes, and accessories onto the spoons.


Find a wooden spoon, they are cheap at Walmart or the Dollar Store. Then wash and dry it thoroughly, this helps the glue to stick better. Then get all different kinds of materials to glue to the puppet: yarn, wiggly eyes, felt, fabric, pom poms. For the glue, you can use either fabric glue, hot glue, or school glue – but that may not last as good as the others. We even named our puppets, like this here Capn’.



I let my son choose what he wanted his puppet to look like. He got to choose the clothes, hair, and face, then I did the hot gluing. Here is what he came up with. He wanted it to look just like him, with the same striped shirt. We also made one for his cousin Gabe. It was also wearing the same shirt as him.


Now when I go into the bathroom, the puppet show is much more lively and exciting. I love these. Try them with your kids and see what kind of puppet show they come up with.



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