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15 Gorgeous Woven Yarn Wall Hangings

Woven yarn wall hangings are a gorgeous way to add color and texture to your walls! From simple to intricate, here are 15 gorgeous wall hangings here to inspire your creativity!

15 Gorgeous Woven Yarn Wall Hangings

15 Woven Yarn Wall Hangings

1. Embroidery Hoop Yarn Hanging: Turn an embroidery hoop into a piece of art. The textured yarn adds an awesome touch! Find the tutorial over at Brit + Co.


2. Cinco De Mayo Wall Hanging: I just can’t get over how gorgeous this symmetrical piece is! Find the tutorial over at Simply Grove.


3. DIY Mini Weaving Loom: This tutorial will teach you how to make your own mini loom, and then you can use the loom to make an adorable weaving. Find the tutorial over at Miss Amy Phipps.


4. Mini Macrame Wall Hanging: Macrame makes for a pretty patterned piece, too. Find the tutorial over at Parlor.


5. God’s Eye Wall Hangings: God’s eye weavings aren’t just for kids. They’ll look great on your wall as well! Find the tutorial over at Persia Lou.


6. Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving: This idea uses a loom made out of a clipboard! Find the tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.


7. Framed Yarn Wall Hanging: You won’t need a loom to make this wall hanging, just a simple frame. Find the tutorial over at A Parede Indecisa.


8. DIY Woven Wall Hanging: This combination of color and texture makes for a real statement piece. Find the tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.


9. Tassel Wall Hanging: Stacked tassels create a neat layered effect. Find the tutorial over at Mollie Makes.


10. Nature Patterned Wall Hangings: With a little careful attention to detail, you can weave almost any pattern you like! Find the tutorial over at Jesus-Sauvage.


11. Authentic DIY Wall Decoration: If you really want to get creative, add texture with braids or objects collected from nature. Find the tutorial over at My Desired Home.


12. DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging: A collection of pom poms makes for an explosion of color on your wall! Find the tutorial over at Sugar and Cloth.


13. DIY Woven Wall Hanging: The muted colors on this weaving are so classy, but you can choose whatever color combination you prefer! Find the tutorial over at Honestly WTF.


14. DIY Wovan Yarn Wall Hangings: If a simple design is more your style, this is the wall hanging for you. Find the tutorial over at The Kitchy Kitchen.


15. Weaving Class: The Basics: New to weaving? This tutorial will teach you all you need to know- and with beautiful results! Find the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.


Even if you’ve never tried making woven yarn wall hangings before, I hope you’ve found something here to inspire you! Give one of these ideas a try, and you’ll end up with a piece of art to enjoy for years to come!


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