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Zoo, Zoo, Zoo Pal Masks

My kids love these fun zoo themed paper plates from Zoo Pals. The kids go crazy for lunch when I buy these, which isn’t very often. So to help these plates not go to waste after eating, we’ve reused them into masks. Unless there’s ketchup or mac’n cheese for lunch, they wipe up easily, ready to be crafted into something new.

Zoo Pal Mask

Supplies for Zoo Plate Masks:

  • Zoo Pal paper plates
  • scissors (for adult use)
  • popsicle stick
  • tape
  • elastic – 1/4 inch
  • stapler (for adult use)

Zoo Pal Mask Supplies

First, an adult needs to cut out the eyes (or you can leave the eyes there, but it’s much more fun for the kids to see out the eyes).

Zoo Pal Mask Cutting

Attach a handle or elastic. We made 2 with stick handles and 2 with an elastic band that goes around their head. Either is fine, it just depend if your child wants to hold the mask or not. I attached the stick with tape and the elastic with a few staples on each side.

Zoo Mask ElasticStaple Paper PlateZoo Pal Stick Puppet

Since these plates are curved, they do bend inward a little when used with the elastic around their heads, but it still makes for cute little animals. Now the kids are able to pretend they’re living at the Zoo, which often feels that way even without the masks!

Zoo Pal Puppets


  1. they are fun to eat on
    they are fun fun fun
    some are pigs and cats and dogs and frogs and ducks a cows a lions a
    it makes eating fun good for the kids
    zoo pals are plates are cups are bowls
    zoo zoo pals
    are fun fun
    u cam make some zoo pals

  2. I am loving this idea. I have used the zoopals for my kids snacks when I don’t want to clean up but I never thought of this idea. this is ingenious. thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, I think you just sold me on buying them. I hate buying these plates because they cost so much to throw away, but now I wouldn’t feel as bad paying so much for plates. Cute idea!

  4. You are such a creative inspiration! I have never bought these plates, but have been eyeing them for some time! Now I have a perfect excuse! Thanks!

  5. this is a great idea! have *almost* bought those plates on more than one occassion. Even more of a reason to now!

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