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A Little Trick for Cutting Symmetrical Hearts

My kids are always asking me to cut out hearts for them, “I just can’t do it” they say! So today I taught them cutting symmetrical hearts using this little trick below. This is an easy trick that they will remember to do their whole lives. The result is a perfectly shaped heart. All you need is some pink, red, and white construction paper, a pencil, and some scissors. Now we’ve got hearts all over the place, ready for Valentine’s Day projects!

Heart Cutting for Valentine's Crafts

Trick for Cutting Symmetrical Hearts


  • paper, any kind – cut into small squares, as it’s easier to fold and cut with little hands
  • pencil – so you can erase the line if needed
  • scissors – best to have child scissors for them to practice

Supplies for Cutting out Hearts


Fold your small paper in half and using your pencil, draw a half of a heart on the folded side. Draw small hearts, medium sized hearts, or big sized hearts.

Kids and Cutting Hearts

Here’s what it looks like if you do it on the wrong side. It’s good to show this to your kids, letting them know how important it is to draw on the folded side of the paper. We want a full heart not just a half!

How to not cut out hearts

Let your kids cut out the hearts on the fold, following the pencil line. This is great for practicing those scissor skills.

Practice cutting with toddler scissors

My daughter, 4 years old, loved cutting these out and did a pretty good job. My son, 7 years old, was able to draw his own half hearts and then cut them out. Perfect craft for so many ages. We now have hearts-a-plenty, looking like we’ve had a bit of a Heart-Attack!!

Cutting out Heart Shaped Paper

There are so many ways to use these heart cut-outs. Tape them your refrigerator, walls, or windows for Valentine’s Day decor. Write little love notes on them and give them out to friends and family. Use them in other Valentine’s day crafts.

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  1. This is an idea I’ve used successfully for years. Last year I had to change it a little because I had a child that didn’t like the fold line – they wanted a flat heart. We have lots of recycled copy paper, so I had them fold and make a heart the size they wanted. Now I had them open it up, lay down on the ‘good’ paper and trace around it. Now they could cut out a flat heart. It was a simple extra step, but solved what had become a real issue for this child. Success was worth the little extra time. Hope this helps anyone else that might have children with a strong need for flat hearts.

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