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Colorful Stained Glass Kites Window Display

My girls are on watch for a windy day perfect for kite-flying. Until then, we have some colorful tissue paper stained glass kites decorating our windows. This is a super-easy, no-mess craft, great for little ones and big kids alike!

Tissue paper stained glass kites for kids

How to Make Colorful Stained Glass Kites

Watch our how-to video to make these fun and easy stained glass kites:

You’ll need to do a little prep work to get this project ready for your young crafter. Cut a kite-shape from black construction paper. Then, cut out the center of the kite, leaving about a 1-inch frame.

Kite shape for stained glass craft

Gather up the rest of the materials for the project.


  • 1/2-inch strips of black construction paper
  • scrap pieces of black construction paper (from cutting out the kites)
  • assorted colors of tissue paper – you can cut it into squares or let your kids tear pieces
  • clear Contact paper
  • yarn or ribbon
  • colored construction paper scraps

Supplies for stained glass kites


Tape a piece of clear Contact paper, sticky side up, on the table. Stick your kite frame down and create a design with black paper strips or shapes. You could do traditional cross-shape strips, or something of your own creation. One of my girls did an abstract line design, and the other cut out a few black hearts for her design.

Start covering your kite shape with colored tissue paper squares or pieces.

Stained glass kite craft

When your kite shape is completely covered with tissue paper, seal with another piece of clear Contact paper. For best results (less wrinkles and trouble), stick the cover sheet to one end and slowly smooth it down over the tissue paper.

Tissue paper stained glass kite project

Cut out your kite shape, cutting off the extra paper strips and contact paper.

Cutting out a stained glass kite

For the tail, staple a piece of yarn or ribbon to the bottom of the kite. We also added a few construction paper flags to our tail – cut out a simple bow tie shape and staple to the tail.

Tissue paper kite craft

Tape your colorful kites in a window to brighten up a gloomy day. Here’s to kite-flying weather heading our way soon!

Tissue paper stained glass kites

Happy creating with stained glass kites!

Colorful Stained Glass Kites Kids Craft

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Colorful Stained Glass Kites Kids Craft

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