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Crochet-A-Day: Crochet Phone Cozy

It’s time to work on your double crochet stitching skills with our next Crochet-A-Day series tutorial. This simple Crochet Phone Cozy will be the perfect project for your day, and will keep your cell phone nice and snug!

Crochet a Phone Cozy

Crochet-A-Day: Crochet Phone Cozy

You can make these as simple or as intricate as you’d like, adding more colors of yarn to your cozy. I share a few other ways to create this phone cozy below, one with outside stitching and one with a button to close it. Ring, Ring… Hello!

Crochet Cell Phone Cozy

We’re gettin’ cozy!

Crochet Button Phone Cozy Tutorial

This pattern uses chain stitching and the double crochet stitch. See our basic stitching page to learn more about these crochet stitches.


  • 2 colors of yarn – one main and one accent
  • hook size I
  • scissors
  • crochet needle
  • optional: sewing needle, thread, button

NOTE: Please adjust this pattern to fit the size of your phone. You can chain stitch your row and wrap it around your phone to see if it’s too small or too big. Also add more or less rows to your cozy to fit your phone’s height.

Keep reading for the full tutorial 

When making a slip knot for your hook, leave a long tail, about 12 inches long. You’ll be using this later.

Cell Phone Cozy Crochet Pattern

Begin: Chain 23 stitches with one of your colors of yarn (green).

Row 1: Yarn over and double crochet in the 5th stitch back from the end you just came from. Then stitch a double crochet into each stitch to the end. You should have 20 double crochet stitches, including the first chain 3, which is your first double crochet.

Double Crochet Stitches

Row 2-8: Turn your yarn and chain 3. Skip to the 5th stitch (including your ch. 3 stitches) and double crochet the end of the row. Keep following the same instructions for each row until you get to the height you want. I crocheted 8 total rows of double crochet stitches, not including the chain at the beginning.

Double Crochet a Cell Phone Cozy

It’s a basic square piece. You could make this with single crochet or half double crochet stitches as well.

Joining the seams:

1. Weave in and hide your shortest tail.

2. Fold your finished piece in half.

3. Add your crochet needle to your longest tail end.

Whip Stitch Crochet Phone Cozy Seams

4. Whip stitch the two sides and one end together. To whip stitch, thread through one side and then the other as the sides are lined up. Here’s a great link for hiding your seam. If you’re just learning and your whip stitch is a bit rusty, you can turn your work inside out after it’s done. That will hide any blemishes.

Stitching up the Seam for a Phone Cozy

5. Keep going around the bottom with your whip stitch as well.  Then tie a quick knot and hide your tail.

Finishing up your phone cozy crochet pattern

If you have a little more crochet knowledge, try using your second yarn color to single crochet stitch the first yarn seams together. This makes for a festive edge.

Single Crochet Edge for a Phone Cozy

Add your top loop:

1. Make a slip knot with your second color of yarn (still working the green and blue cozy) and add it to your hook through the left top edge of your cozy. Chain one.

2. Single crochet stitch all the way around until you get to the other side.

Adding a top edge to your phone cozy

3. When you’re at the end, chain 10 stitches.

Adding a Loop to your Phone Crochet Cozy

4. Slip stitch the 10 chain through your first chain from the blue yarn where you started and finish it off. Hide your tails.

You’ve got your super cool new cozy.

Crocheting a Cute Cozy for your Phone

Optional button:

If you’d like to add a little button to close up your cozy, start by adding your second accent color to the back center of your cozy. That’s where you start your single crochet stitches and add your chain 10. Slip stitch and finish it off.

Add a button to the front top center of your cozy with a sewing needle and thread. Then loop it up!

Making a Button for a Crochet Phone Cozy

Now it’s ready to keep your smartphone lookin’ smart! Hello? Hello!

Seattle Seahawks Phone Cozy Crochet Pattern

Maybe even add a little extra somethin’ to your cozy to celebrate your favorite football team and their Super Bowl Victory!!! How about a #12 quickly stitched to the top of your cozy. Go Hawks!


  1. Wish I lived closer. These are darling and you’ve become such a crochet pro. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet. I bet Lucy could teach me! :)

  2. Your pattern is not written properly, for instance you chain 23 and and turn, you cannot turn on a starting chain, then double crochet in the fifth chain from the hook, that is fine but on Row 2 you state to start in the fifth chain again???? that does not look right I am confused?, do you have a count of double crochets you are supposed to have in each row?

    1. Sorry for any confusion, Anna. You’re right, that part for turning the yarn from the chain didn’t make sense. I’ve updated it. As well as the part about dc’s in the 5th stitch (which I kept but explained).

      You will have a total of 20 double crochets in each row — that includes the first chain of 3 as your first dc.

      Hope this works out better for you! Here’s a great video for mastering the double crochet stitch:

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