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Our First Disneyland Family Vacation

Okay, Disneyland IS the Happiest Place on Earth! There might have been a few two-year old tantrums and a couple “I’m too tired to walk anymore” cries from your 4 year old, but it’s all worth it. We had a blast, as I posted how we were prepping to hit up Disneyland, sharing our checklist for the trip. This is the first vacation that we have taken as just our own little family and we loved it. I think we got in every ride, every show, and every picture possible.

Disneyland Family at Matterhorn

2 tips for making it extra magical:

  • Go during the down times – September is perfect. Wait until the 2nd or 3rd week of September. School has started for most kids and the lines and crowds are minimal!!
  • Be there on your birthday – They give you a button to wear and EVERYONE wishes you a Happy Birthday. It’s really the best. And as Jordan and I share our birthday, we LOVED that both of us were celebrated this last week at Disneyland!

Our favorite rides, eats, and treats!

Rides: Favorites – Pirates, Buzz Lightyear for the 10th time, Splash Mountain, SpaceMountain, Mad Tea Party at night to end the evening! Be sure to ask for a Disney’s Parent Ride Switch if you have a child in a stroller so both parents can go on rides without having to get back in line!



Characters: I think we hit up everyone for their signature. My fave is Ariel, I can still sing all her songs from heart! My daughter could not stop staring at the Characters. In every picture she is looking up at them!


Food: We ate our money’s worth in food. I kept hearing about this Monte Cristo from the Blue Bayou, but it IS really that good. And the Pommes Frites at the Cafe in N.O. And the 8 inch Corn Dogs at the little red car station. YUM!



Shows: I am now the glowing mother of a Padawan Jedi! My 4 year old finished his training at the academy and we could not have been more happy. It was a proud moment when he did not succumb to the Dark Side. He fought well.



When are you planning your next trip to Disneyland?! Those smiles are worth all time, effort, and expense to make it happen!



  1. this makes me so happy!! i love you ears marie! and i am so glad you DO disney! hahaha! love you auntie marie!

  2. looks like you guys had lots and lots of fun! i’m jealous, and we go all the time (thanks to annual passes.) sounds like you hit all of our favorites (we love the hot dogs and chicken strips!) disneyland is great for everyone. we went on friday for the start of the halloween season – i just love how they go all out for the holidays!

  3. Marie – I wish we could have been there with you!! But going with your own little family is sooooo special. Fun pictures!! Tell Matty and Lucy “hi” from their California cousins. We love you all.

    Thanks for sharing Disneyland!! It’s one of our “favorite places on earth” too!!

  4. Me and Scott were looking at your cute blog! We decided that Lucy is totally a mini-marie and Matt is totally a mini-jordan! Seriously, such a cute family! I love that Matt became a padawan Jedi night! So Fun!

  5. Maire-
    Disneyland is thee best family vac-a around…. In 2005-2006 we made it 4 times!
    I am actually sitting here drooling over your pictures and wishing we were there. So glad you had fun and a very happy birthday!

  6. marie!

    I can’t even tell you how much I adored this post! Disneyland is one of my favorite places. I love the magic and feeling like a kid again. I know its cheesy but I really do feel like my dreams can come true when I’m there! Your post made me SO excited to take my cute little fam someday!

    You’re inspiring!

  7. I love those pics. I’m glad you guys had a good time. It makes me want to take Naomi. Chris and I should definitely take her next time we go to Balboa. See you Monday.

  8. We live about an hour northeast of Disney World and so have annual passes-we go quite a bit. Our next trip is in December for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We usually don’t go during the summer or over holidays due to the crowds (like you). Did you see any of the fireworks shows?

  9. oh i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there. the force is very strong with cate.

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