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Exploring Our 5 Senses: Sight

After exploring our hearing, tasting, and touch senses, we’re ready to explore another of our 5 Senses with sight as we go on a Close-Up Photo Scavenger Hunt using our smartphone! We’re putting our excellent eyesight to work with a scavenger hunt around the house just using the camera on my phone. This isn’t your average scavenger hunt though – all the clues are close-up photos of objects we look at every day. You can make it as easy or tricky as you like!

Close-up Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Exploring Our 5 Senses: Sight

I took advantage of my phone’s camera to set-up this scavenger hunt in just a couple of minutes. I went all around the house, looking for interesting details and textures to photograph. I zoomed in on 12 different objects, including book spines, artwork, toys, and food. You might not get super-crisp close-up photos with your phone, but that’s okay. The more you zoom in, the more difficult it is to guess the object, so keep your child’s age and abilities in mind when photographing.

Taking close-up photos for a scavenger hunt

Then, it’s time to hand-off the phone and a recording sheet to the kids. My girls worked as a team, looking closely at each photo and walking around the house to find a match. Color was always a big clue that helped them narrow down the choices.

Exploring the sense of sight with a photo scavenger hunt

Some of the photos they knew immediately (like the TV remote), and others were more challenging, especially close-up photos of artwork. I almost stumped them on a few!

Close-up photo scavenger hunt

It’s fun to look closely at things, and see details you might have missed before. Your kids will probably want to get in on the picture-taking fun – let them set-up a scavenger hunt for you, too! A set of outside photos would also make an interesting scavenger hunt.

Happy hunting!

Close-up photo scavenger hunt recording sheet

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