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Lego Math Preschool Activity

I love finding simple ways to learn while playing for my kids. The kids love Legos at my house. So many fun ways to build and play with them. I can get lost building with them sometimes too. Little brother (4yr) this year is going to be working on number recognition and counting at school. I wanted to find a fun way to help him work on this when he was home.

Lego Math Activity Idea for Kids

I came up with a simple yet fun Lego Math Activity for him. So glad he had fun learning through play. Even big brother (6yr) had to get in on the fun. Big brother was even able to find more challenging ways to make this game his own. We spent some of our day having fun with numbers. And then more time building with our Legos.

lego math

Supplies for Lego Math Activity:

  • Legos
  • tray
  • small bowl
  • magnetic numbers or foam numbers

math with Legos

1. Place Legos in a tray. We used the rectangle and square Legos out of the kid’s box of mixed Legos. The kids had fun searching for rectangles and square Legos for me before we got started.

2. Place the magnet or foam numbers 1 through 9 in a small bowl or container.

3. Now add the bowl of numbers to the tray of Legos.

counting activity with Legos

3. Have the kids “grab” a number out of the bowl. Next they look at it and tell you what number they grabbed. Above my son grabbed a 9. He placed the nine on the table after telling me what it was. He called this a “grab and count game”.

4. Now have the child count out the corresponding number of Legos to go with their number. My child counted and stacked 9 Legos to go with his number 9.

5. My son kept grabbing and counting Legos until me made it through them all.

6. Big brother came in and grabbed two numbers and added them together then counted out that number of Legos. He also grabbed two numbers and subtracted them and then counted out that number of Legos. This is how he was able to make it a little more challenging but able to play and learn too.

grab and count math game with legos

I just love that this simple Lego Math idea was such a hit helping the kids learn while playing. I look forward to finding more ways to learn with our Legos.

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Originally posted 8/12/2015

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