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Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

What little girl is not into fairies?! They are so cute and dainty and fly! Here’s my daughter as Tinkerbell when she was almost 3. We call her Tinker, as she’s really cute, but has a fire cracker personality! Here are a few fun ideas I’ve come up with to celebrate a Fairy Birthday Party.


Come fly away to Fairyland for _______’s birthday. You’ll explore many wonderful places like, Toadstool Island, fly past Butterfly Gardens, and dip in the Crystal Cascades. Come dresses as your favorite fairy to join in the fun.

Fairy Essentials:

  • You can make each child their own set of fairy wings before the party or have them arrive dressed up as a fairy when they come.
  • Start the party by having each child create their own fairy wand. Here’s a great tutorial for a simple and crafty fairy wand.
  • Give each child a set of their own fairy ears. Download this pattern, from our leprechaun post. Fairy Ears Pattern

Food: Fairies are very tiny woodland creatures. We’ve put together a plate of tiny berries on a lettuce leaf. You could also add raisins, stick pretzels, mini marshmallows, etc.

Cake: I made pink cupcakes with green frosting and yellow sprinkle pixie dust. I topped them off with edible butterfly wing gummies. I used sour watermelon candies and toothpicks in a “t” shape to attach them together.


  • Dance with Ribbon Rings – Create these easy to make ribbon rings and have the children dance to magical music as they twirl around with their ribbons.

  • Make a Toadstool – You can use playdough to have each child create their own toadstool. Or here is a great crafty tinfoil toadstool that the children could create. Perfect for a fairy to sit upon.
  • Tissue Paper Butterflies – Using tissue paper and pipe cleaners, let the children make a fluttering butterfly. Twist one pipe cleaner around the tissue paper to create the wings. Have the children fly them around the room.

  • Hunt for a Wishing Rock – Ahead of time, plant colorful painted rocks around the yard. Have each child go on a search until they find one rock. Once they find the rock, they can make a wish. They can take these home with them, hoping their wish comes true.

Party Bag: Assemble a bag with a few fun fairy supplies. You can add a mini frisbee, they can add their crafts from the party, and a few pixie sticks.

What fabulous fairy finds have you celebrated for a birthday?


  1. i had my daughters 7th birthday party here and it was fantastic! it was the perfect party for this age. ALL of the girls had a wonderful time and all want to now have there party at faires and dragons!Stephanie

  2. How about making some paper mache toadstools for center pieces to decorate the garden and use a bubble machine to blow beautiful bubbles!

    Hang up some fairy lights and place rose petals on the table.

    Drink pink lemonade and eat butterfly fairy cakes along with magical chocolate lollipop wands!

  3. We had a snow fairy party for my daughter’s 6th birthday. Her bday is in January so the garden fairy thing just wouldn’t really work. All the girls really loved the party.

    1. my daughter will be 4 in january and she wants a fairy party.. i have spent hours on the internet and still cant find any ideas…what do you suggest..if you happen to loook up my name on facebook, you can email me..sometimes the email sddress doesnt work..

      1. Same here…I really want to do a winter fairy party for my four year old turning 5, but can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t involve being outside…and it’s -10 here in Montana! I’d love some ideas!

        1. Sarah – All the ideas above could be done indoors. You could put green paper on the walls, giant flowers on the walls, or hang vines or flowers or green leaves from the ceiling to create a woody fairy garden area in your home.

  4. Oh, so fun! I did a purple fairy party for Lydia’s 1st birthday but it was before the big fairy craze. Now I’m sad b/c I didn’t do much for it. But still. A Purple Fairy Party. It just SOUNDS cute, right?!

    I’m sure another fairy party will come along at some point. I will totally be making those fairy ears! How cute is that?!

  5. Fairy parties for little girls are magical! We just had one last month for my 6 year old. I love your cupcakes and the ribbon dancing idea. We did a gem hunt, made fairy wands, and played a game. Here is the link for the party favor that I made for the kids-pixie flowers.


    Your birthday posts are a lot of fun. I love planning kid parties.
    Take Care!

    Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!

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