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Fall Placemats Craft For Kids

It’s almost Fall and if you are looking for a fun fall craft for kids, we’ve got you covered. We love pumpkin crafts and we have some super fun pumpkin crafts for preschoolers including a patchwork pumpkin, pumpkin paper weaving, and pumpkin yarn art. Below, we are showing you how to make a fall placemat craft.

hand-painted pumpkin placemats made out of paper

We love these hand-painted placemats for kids to make. It’s the perfect fall craft for preschoolers through to teenagers. These placemats are perfect for class parties, fall festivals, and the Thanksgiving table.

Fall placemats craft for kids

This fall craft is a collaborative craft for younger kids to do with older kids or adults.


  • Brown paper – we used paper from a roll of packing paper
  • Stencils
  • Painters tape
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent marker

Tip: We found our fall stencils for $1 at Dollar General Market.

stencils, brown paper, and paint for kids to make fall placemats


Cut your construction paper to approximately 17 inches by 11 inches. Using scissors cut around all of the edges about 1/2 an inch to make a ‘fringe’. This is a great fine motor activity for younger kids.

paper placemats craft for preschoolers that uses fine motor skills to cut a fringe around the paper.

Place the stencil onto the paper and use painter’s tape on the corners to stop it from moving while the kids are painting.

Pour paint onto paper plates and let them mix colors while they are painting, it will give the pumpkins a really fun look. It doesn’t matter if paint gets underneath the stencil a little either because your pumpkins will look creative and so pretty by the time this project is finished.

a pumpkin stencil on brown paper that's painted and turned into a placemat

Remove the stencil and tape and set your paper aside to dry. Once it’s completely dry, it’s time for a teen or adult to jump in and finish it off. Very roughly draw around each section of the pumpkin with a permanent marker. The less perfect, the better and more creative your pumpkin will look.

a pumpkin painted on brown paper and turned into a paper placemat for the kids Thanksgiving table

Make sure to put a container of pencils or markers on the table so kids can draw around their pumpkins before or after their meal.

Trace around pumpkins painted on paper with a permanent marker to make them really stand out.

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