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Free Netflix Printable Valentine’s Card

Did you forget a card for your Valentine? We’ve got your back. This printable card is FREE and easy to print (low on ink, too!) Hand-lettered Valentine’s card for your sweetie!custom paper

Netflix Free Printable Valentine's Day Card

I’m pretty proud of myself for getting my husband’s Valentine’s gift early this year, sometimes I forget and have to give him an I.O.U! So romantic, I know. I end up spending so much time getting stuff ready for the kids’ school parties and helping them get their cards ready, hubby sometimes feels jilted. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him! Of course, he’s the one I’m supposed to celebrate on Valentine’s Day!

Anyhow, the gift will look better with this funny little You, Me & Netflix Tonight card, he’ll know what I mean! Netflix and a snuggle always sound like a good idea.

Free Netflix Printable Valentine's Card

Download your FREE Netflix Printable Valentine’s Card:

You, Me & Netflix Tonight card


  • Download file
  • Print on white card stock for best results
  • Fold along dotted line
  • Cut along gray line
  • Give to your Valentine and watch a romantic movie on Netflix!

Happy Valentine’s day!

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