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Homemade Greeting Card For Any Occasion

You don’t need a reason to send someone you love a greeting card. We’ve got lots of ideas to choose from for homemade greeting cards including these fun spinner cards, washi tape city skyline cards, and sticker doodle dot cards. Below, we are showing you how to make a ‘you are my sunshine’ card.

a homemade you are my sunshine greeting card made with yarn scraps

How to make a homemade greeting card

We used our shining sun coloring page to make this printable ‘You Are My Sunshine’ greeting card template that you can send to family, friends, and loved ones. These are perfect for any occasion so you can let someone special know that you are thinking about them.


supplies to make a homemade you are my sunshine greeting card including free printable and yarn scraps


If you haven’t downloaded our free ‘you are my sunshine’ greeting card printable, do it now!

you are my sunshine homemade greeting card free printable

Using a box cutter (preferred) or scissors, cut out the center of the circle for the sun.

A sunshine greeting card being made

Fold your card in half and then open it again. Turn it over and glue small pieces of yarn over the back of the circle you just cut out.

yarn scraps being glued over the back of a greeting card

You might choose to use just one color, or you can use multiple colors as we did.

yellow and orange yarn scraps glued over a hole in a greeting card to make the sun

Once you’ve covered the circle with yarn, take another piece of card stock and glue it over the top to hold all of the yarn in place.

Now you have a beautiful card to send to a loved one to let them know you are thinking about them.

a homemade greeting card with a yarn scraps sun with the words you are my sunshine

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