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Fun and Silly Writing with Sticker Rebus Stories

We always seem to have an abundance of stickers around the house. One of our favorite projects to do with stickers is creating sticker rebus stories. Sticker stories are a great way to get the creative juices flowing for young writers.

Write a sticker rebus story with kids

If your kids are writers, they can write sticker stories all on their own. For younger kids, you can write the words they dictate to you, as they add stickers and create their stories. I have some really sweet sticker stories my girls and I made together when they were three or four years old.

Gather a variety of stickers for story inspiration. My girls love using animal, food, and holiday stickers especially. If you have character stickers, it can be fun to create a new adventure for your favorite character!

Writing a rebus story with stickers

Start writing a story, replacing some of the words with stickers. Use the stickers as inspiration for what might happen next in your story. Keep on writing and stickering till your story is finished!

Fun writing for kids - sticker rebus story

A few sticker story variations to try:

• Write a group story as a family, each adding a sentence with at least one sticker.

• Start a sticker story and leave it where your child will find it, along with some stickers for continuing the story.

• Cut-up some stickers and place them in a paper bag. Draw a sticker from the bag and figure out a way to incorporate it into the story.

• Write a sticker poem instead of a story.

Sticker rebus stories for kids

Happy writing!


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