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Furry Monster Googly Eye Bracelets

Yes, I’m still on the googly eye train. But how can I stop, they are too much fun. And now I’ve completed the googly jewelry set with rings, necklaces, earrings and now a fun and furry bracelet!

Supplies for Furry Monster Googly Eye Bracelets:

  • craft faux fur, found at the crafty supply stores or this could be a furry-type fabric
  • scissors
  • googly eyes, any shape or color
  • glue, I prefer E-6000
  • safety pins

1. Cut a piece of faux fur about 2-3 inches wide and 6 or so inches long. You’ll want it to just fit perfectly around your wrist with no overlap.

2. Glue on your googly eyes to the middle center of the cut fur piece. Try a few on for looks first. There’s a lot of ways you can make these.

3. Once your eyes are on and the glue has dried completely, add your safety pins to the back to secure it. You could sew on elastic here or velcro, but I like the rustic look of the safety pins.

Now your wrist is ready to be monster-fied! Have fun with your new Googly Eye Jewelry set.


  1. hey again, sorry not the furry stuff but the stuff that would be touching your skin, the inside of it.

    1. The faux fur isn’t that bad on the skin. If you’re worried it might be scratchy, you can always glue a piece of felt to the inside around.

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