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Graham Cracker Cookies

This is a great treat that my mom would make us kids whenever she would frost a cake. There was always leftover frosting that got slapped on yummy graham crackers, making instant cookies.


So whenever I have left over frosting, like from last weeks fun Valentine cookies, I make Graham Cracker Cookies. My kids love them, but I am eating them too fast for them to have seconds. To be honest, I always make a little more frosting than I need, just to have some extra leftover.



A must have tool when using frosting is this offset spatula. I have only had this one for a little while and I don’t know how I frosted cookies, cakes, and cupcakes without one. It really makes it that much easier and the cake that much prettier. I highly recommend going out and getting one of these before you bake your next set of sugar cookies.



  1. I call these “Depression Cookies”. There were five of us & my Mother made these when we were out of things especially ration stamps during the war. I made these for a family party a few years ago & they were devoured……..I just made a pan full for tonight’s Bible School potluck!!

  2. My mother who died when she was 90 in 1996 always made these for us when she had left over frosting. She would sprinkle coconut on them. She had a name for them, I’m thinking it started with an M, but cannot remember. Would anyone know what that name might be?

  3. Jor has probably forgotten, but I made graham cracker cookies for him when he was little. I use to love eating them too. Nothin’ like a yummy graham cookie!

  4. Yummy. . . This takes me back to when I was a kid. I need to get graham crackers on my shopping list to have them on hand. BTW your v-day cookies look delish!!

  5. Julieann – I am guilty of the same thing. I love the Teddy Graham idea. Sometimes I just go for the frosting and skip the cracker!!

    Laura – Thanks babe! I love my offset spatula and I know you will too.

    Shannon & Lindsey – I am glad I am bringing some memories back. I am still just a big kid!!

  6. I love coming over here and remembering all the fun things we used to do as kids. I forgot about graham crackers and frosting! My kids would love that!

  7. This was my FAVORITE treat as a kid! My grandma made them for us ALL the TIME! Yummy! I had forgotten all about them!

  8. MMMM!!! those look so good! I love the Heart cookies as well. What a great idea. I love baking and this would be really fun to do next time I make heart shaped sugar cookies. Thanks for all your great ideas. I check your site daily!

    I agree with julieann, i need to get an offset spatula.

  9. My sisters and I sometimes buy jars of chocolate frosting just to put on graham crackers. When we get really hungry, sometimes we just use teddy grahams and dip them in the jar… Mmmm!

    I’ll definitely have to try an offset spatula!

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