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Kids in the Kitchen: GREEN Fruit Salad & Skewers

Fruit salad is a staple side dish and snack in our house, and we whipped up a big bowl of green fruit salad to welcome in the month of March. This would be a perfect side dish for a St. Patrick’s Day meal, or even for celebrating the first day of spring later this month. Brainstorm green fruits with your kids, or browse the produce aisles at the grocery store. Simply prep your fruits, mix, and enjoy!

Kids in the Kitchen: Green fruit salad

Our green fruit salad included green grapes, kiwi, and Granny Smith apple. Honeydew melon would be a delicious addition, too. You could even add a squeeze of lime juice to the fruit.

Prepping for green fruit salad

Depending on your kids’ ages, they can help wash and prep the fruit. Soft kiwi is easy to cut, and even little ones can pluck grapes off the stem. Toss all your fruit in a bowl and dig in! We enjoyed ours with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Yum!

We didn’t forget the toddler of the house. He got his own diced fruit salad, with quartered grapes, kiwi chunks, and thin slices of peeled apple. He devoured it!

Green fruit salad for toddlers

Another delicious way to enjoy these green fruits is making fruit skewers. My girls have always loved having food served this way – it’s just more fun! We used plastic straws, whole grapes, and larger chunks of apple and kiwi to make our skewers.

Making green fruit skewers with kids

We enjoyed our green fruit skewers with a side of Key lime Greek yogurt for dipping. So tangy and fresh!

Green fruit skewers with lime yogurt dip

This green fruit salad will brighten up your meal. Happy cooking with your kiddos!

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