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How To Make a Beach Towel Cover Up

If you’re headed to the pool, beach, or even a back yard sprinkler party, this is an easy towel to make that will help cover you up. It could be tailored to any size, this one is for my young daughter, size 5T. This cover up also fits my son around his waist, so this can be made for anyone wanting to cover up.

And it doubles as a regular towel they can lay on the floor. I promise, this is an even easier project than this hooded bath towel!

Supplies for a Beach Towel Cover Up:

  • 1 regular beach towel (will make 2 small cover ups)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins optional
  • sew-on velcro

1. Cut your towel to the length of your child, horizontally. Mine is cut right in half for my daughter. The other half is for my 2 year old. It’s a little big, but she’ll grow into it, or you could cut off an extra foot for the second one.

2. You need to hem the cut edge. 3 of your other edges should already be hemmed. You’ll will just need to sew the end you cut. Roll over your cut edge 2 times. You can pin your edge here. I’m lazy and just eye ball it. Sew all the way across the edge to complete the towel.

3. Get out your velcro. Make sure it’s “sew-on” velcro, otherwise if it’s sticky-back, it might gum up your sewing machine. Cut a length of velcro 5-7 inches long. Place one half of the velcro on the corner of the towel. You can pin this in place or just hold it tight as you sew. Sew the entire edge of the velcro, all the way around.

4. Sew on the other half of the velcro to the opposite side of the towel. But make sure the velcro will overlap, instead of closing like a sandwich.

You’re done. Place your towel on your child and see how it fits. We also figured out that this beach towel cover up can also work as a CAPE. This was great at the beach to keep her warm, as the wind picked up, and to shade her shoulders from the sun as she played. Have fun in the sun!


  1. Great idea! My daughter always wants her towel wrapped around her. This will keep it in place. Thanks.

  2. Anne – I haven’t seen them out there yet, but this was cheap. $5 towel + $2 velcro = $7 for 2 cover ups!!

  3. What an absolutely wonderful beach cover up! Thank you so much for sharing it with us….I also love the towel you chose….

  4. Aren’t they cute?! It’s either Target or Walmart, I can’t remember, but about the only 2 places I shop. They were really cheap, like $5 per towel.

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