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Spoil Your Fur Baby With a DIY Dog Bed

We love spoiling our dog, and if you are anything like us, you want to give them the best. They are going to love these 22 homemade dog treats, plus we’ve got yogurt paw print pops, and so many fun DIY toys and essentials for your furry friend. Below, we are showing you how to make a plush, furry DIY dog bed in a basket for your puppy.

diy dog bed basket with plush fur mattress

How do you make a homemade dog bed?

Your fur baby is going to love this fluffy homemade DIY dog bed in a basket. It’s washable and easy to move around. Put it on the porch, or take it with you on vacation (as long as you only have a small dog that is).


  • Basket
  • Fabric – we used faux fur and plush fabric
  • Furniture-grade foam – ours was 2″ thick
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

faux fur and plush fabric to make a dog bed

Note: The basket we used was a Better Homes and Gardens serving tray that measured 18″x18″x4″. The faux fur, fabric, and foam I already had on hand, and were leftover from previous DIY projects.

Even though fur can be a little difficult to cut and sew with pieces flying everywhere, it’s also very forgiving in hiding seams.


Place the basket on top of the fabric, and cut around it allowing extra for the seams. If you used two different fabrics (fur and plush) like we did then do this for each one, although we did add on an extra inch around the fur so that it would hang over the top a little to make the bed more cozy.

plush fabric being cut to make a dog bed in a basket

Place the wrong side of your fabric circles together, pin them, and then sew around the edge twice (for added strength in the seams). Leave a gap of at least 4 inches so that you can turn the circles in the right way and put the foam inside.

plush fabric being sewn into a circular dog bed

Turn your bed inside out.

Place the basket onto the foam and cut out the foam so that it will fit snugly inside the basket.

foam and fur cut in a circle to make a homemade dog bed

Roll up the foam and insert it into the fur cover that you sewed together. Use your sewing machine, or hand-sew the opening together.

a homemade dog bed with plush fabric, fur and foam.

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