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How to Video: Water Pom Pom Target Toss

We recently made a few fun washcloth pom poms for a backyard water day! We had so much fun with our target toss game, I made a little how-to video with my kids. It’s the perfect game for a hot summer day. You can set it up right in your own backyard, or over at Grandma’s house works too! Take a piece of chalk, these water pom pom sponges, and you’re set for a summer game day with the kids!

Water Pom Pom Target Toss

Here’s the video of the kids in action, playing a fun toss game with their water pom poms!!

How-to Video

We’re playing this game almost every day this summer! It’s a great way to cool off and have a little fun. Kids can work on their hand-eye coordination skills as well, making it a learning game. Turn this target practice into even more educational learning with these ideas:

  • As you draw the target circles with chalk, but a number inside each target. The farther away the circle, the higher the number. Add up their score at the end of the round.
  • Place an alphabet letter inside each of the chalk circles and kids are supposed to spell a word with their target practice. Maybe it’s for small kids and they practice their name, or it’s for a type of puzzle or word code.
  • Make it an even more advanced math game and ask the kids to figure out the answer to a math problem, like 3×4 or 17+15. Kids add up the numbers in their head and the throw the sponge at the target with the number they think the answer is!

Have fun this summer getting wet!

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  1. so cute! Thanks for sharing! I froze a bunch of their small toys. (like from fast food meals.) In an angel food cake lid. Also some small stuff in the pringles single sever containers. great for these hot summer days.

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