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How-To Video: Water Sponge Toys

I’ve posted the how-to for these fun Water Sponge Toys before, but I thought I’d make a video to show just how easy they are to make. They’re the perfect summertime toy, helping the kids make a splash this summer!

Wet Water Sponges

How-to video for Wet Water Sponges:

What fun things are you doing to help stay cool this summer?


  1. Meghan – There are a few other choices for sponges to use for this craft. See the above comment I made to Vone. And I also added an update to this post linking to Scotch Brite’s sponges that are environmentally friendly.

  2. I tried these out yesterday! They were so easy to make. However, I did make the antibacterial without noticing. I didn’t even think about it until afterwards. Has anyone else done it without noticing they were antibacterial? I can be a germaphobe at times, but this is one time I didn’t want to be! The kids still had a great time, just made me nervous afterwards!

  3. Hi Marie,
    I love this idea! I think they’re better than the traditional water balloons. I linked it on CityMommy if that’s okay! Love checking out what’s new on your blog!

  4. Vone – You make a good point. I have seen other types of sponges that are not cellulose at the Dollar Store. They are a soft sponge and the same size as the others. Try looking at the Dollar Store in their cleaning section.

  5. I’ve just discovered your blog and we seem to have some things in common, incl. this very fun craft. My kids loved it! I blogged about it a while back too.

  6. I tried this idea last year but didn’t realize until I started making it that the sponges were antibacterial – not good to be throwing at each other. I’ve been looking for just regular sponges and haven’t found many.

  7. Marie, we love it. Can you make more videos for the super simple summer fun stuff? We want more.

    We just made bubble fluid and chunky crayons. Love ’em

  8. What a great idea! My kids would love those (and so will some of our friends’ dads who love a good waterfight!). Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Jenn – Thanks for the crafty love, but I can’t take credit for this idea. It’s a project that’s been around the preschool circuit for years!! I just wanted to show how really simple it is and how it can be done by anyone, even those who say they aren’t crafty!!!

  10. I think this is terrific! I was wondering if you sent this in to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine as I just saw it in their current issue and I hope you are getting credit where credit is due! Love your site, can’t get enough!

  11. Okay, after watching the video I thought…it can’t be that simple. I think that I might just make Van some for the driveway!!!

  12. Great job on the video, Marie! I remember when you first posted this idea, and I think it’s such a great one. So easy yet original.

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