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I’ve Caught the Crochet Bug

I’m obsessed with crochet. I’ve caught the bug. If you’ve already been following my instagram feed, you know I’ve been posting all about my crochet journey!

Crochet Madness

I first learned to crochet when I was young. But I could never get my edges even. I would try and try to make a simple scarf, but it always turned out wonky. I finally gave up, arg! But I held onto hope that I’d turn to it again.

I was recently sparked with the thought to try again when a friend of mine asked her friends and community to crochet 16 inch square blankets for a Teeny Tears campaign. These blanket sets go to families who’ve lost a baby. Hospitals provide 2 sets for each family, one for the newborn to wear and one for the family to take home and remember. This cause is near and dear to my friend, Lisette, and I really wanted to teach myself again and support this cause, thinking “I should be able to crochet a 16 inch blanket”!

Look how teeny tiny these darling blankets are, complete with diapers. Image credit to Lisette.

Crochet Blankets for Teeny Tears

So I did. I got out my crochet hook, some yarn, and turned to the best resource out there for us DIY’ers: YouTube. There are so many great video tutorials for crochet. It really helps to watch someone go through the motions. I’m not really that great at reading and following a pattern, so videos are perfect. You can follow along and pause or rewind when you need to, making sure you really get it.

Here are the videos I watched, when you’re starting from square one:

  • Naztazia – the first video I watched, super basic and great step by step.
  • Crochet – there are all sorts of basic stitches to watch and learn.
  • Crochet Geek – fun projects with great step by step instructions.
  • The Curious Pug – starting at the beginning together.
  • All Free Crochet – good resource for videos and patterns

If you can learn to master the basic crochet stitches, you’re set and you’ll be searching for more cool projects. I’ve now donated 4 blankets to the Teeny Tears cause, with more on the way, as they are always in need of donations. And I didn’t stop there. I’m now on to scarves, lots of them for fun gifts, and even tackling a large afghan.

I’ll be sharing more this week all about my journey through crochet. All sorts of tips, ideas, and videos. Because as you will soon notice, I’m addicted!

Do you crochet? Or knit? Are you as obsessed as I am? What fun projects are you working on?


  1. I too have recently caught the bug! I have a hard time just sitting now even when I’m with people. I find crocheting to be so soothing and satisfying. I have been watching youtube videos and reading tutorials, so I feel like I’ve taken a crochet class. I’ve made an afghan, a number of scarves, a few shapes like hearts and stars, a pot holder, a basket, and now am well into my second afghan and am also working on a bag! Whew! I have so many other ideas too and wish I could make them all at once. I am like a kid in a candy shop at yarn stores! :)

  2. I lost 3 babies almost 20 years ago and the hospital wrapped the babies in these blankets with a small locket as well. These were rough experiences but I really appreciated that my babies were treated the same as babies who made it through. It is a very touching gesture and I would love to be a part of this.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your children! This is such a great organization and happy that they are providing such a service to these families. I’m sure they’d love any contribution you could offer.

  3. I knit like crazy. I can’t sit and be still if I’m not — and it’s a great distraction and means of calming down after a busy day.

    If it’s knit — I’ll knit it! You know about Ravelry, don’t you?

    1. Yes, sooooo calming. That is what draws me in the most!

      And I’ve just heard of Ravelry. I need to become a member and get searching for good patterns!

  4. I can’t wait to get home and look at this post more closely! I tried to learn this on my own years ago and got super frustrated and gave up… BUT, I love what you have done – and I have wanted to try crochet again for a while now (it’s actually on my 2013 list of new things to learn) – I love that you included the videos you watched. Those packages you put together are so sweet. Well done! Thanks for the info and if I have any success I will let you know!! What is a good thing to start with? I can knit and sew….just crochet went over my head – I was trying to learn from a book though and I think that is always tough! Best, Beth

    1. Beth, I bet you’ll pick it up quick if you’re already a knitter. I’m the opposite, I now need to get on the knitting wagon! Good luck!

  5. I really really want to learn!! In looks really fun. But have no idea where to start. I need to check out those videos.

  6. How precious!!!

    My mom was visiting recently and she crochets all day so now I’m addicted, I made a scarf and just finished a beret. And I can see about 368 more projects in my future :D

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