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Lil’ Pumpkin Hooded Bath Towel

I couldn’t resist making this cute lil’ hooded bath towel when my eye caught an orange towel at the store the other day. Your lil’ one will be cute as a pumpkin when they hop out of the bath in this precious towel!

Here are the Instruction for a Hooded Bath Towel. It couldn’t be an easier sewing project. You only need to sew 2 straight lines. You can also add in these cute appliqued letters if you’ve got a little more experience.

I traced the words “Lil Pumpkin” with a black marker out of yellow fleece. I like to use fleece because it doesn’t fray and gives a fun look. Then pin on the letters where you want them to go. I am NOT very good at applique, I’m impatient, so my letters tend to come out kind of wonky. But I think it turns out cute and whimsy looking.

Now it’s ready to be wrapped around a cute lil’ pumpkin!


  1. great idea. the hoodies are soo cute and practical. going tomorrow to get the stuff to get it done.

  2. This project is so easy! I’ve made 6 of these in different colors for our four boys. Now with the addition of our pool in the back yard, I’m going to make more for when guest come next summer. Thank you for posting these.

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