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Live Caterpillars are Here

We received our order of Live Caterpillars. We got them from the company called Insect Lore. I wrote about Live Butterfly Gardens earlier. We can’t wait to see what they do. Here they are the day we got them.

Here they are 4 days later.

Here they are 8 days later. It’s creepy how fast they grow.

My son wakes up in the morning and goes straight to the caterpillars, seeing how much bigger they are from the day before. They seem to double in size everyday. They’re kinda gross, but amazing creatures. They leave their poop lying around, they spin silky webs, and eat this dried paste at the bottom of the jar.

We’ll keep you updated. They should start to travel to the top of the jar and form their chrysalids soon. Then we’ll move them to the larger habitat. It’s still not too late to get your order. They ship them out year round. If any other readers have ordered some and are keeping track of these cute little bugs, let me know!


  1. We received our order of Live Caterpillars. We got them from the company called Insect Lore. I wrote about Live Butterfly Gardens earlier. We can’t wait to see what they do. Here they are the day we got them.

  2. Hello,
    I am a Kinder teacher looking at doing this in the fourth term of kinder What is invloved

    I am looking at getting live caterpillars and doing the life cylce of a caterpillar so the children can see what happens each day, what is the costing of this

    Regards Denisse

  3. I am so glad lots of you have been able to do try this fun Butterfly transformation. They are creepy, but worth the heebie jeebies to see how this process works!

  4. we are doing this also, we moved them into the house today. waiting on them to become butterflies.

  5. Marie, thanks for the caterpillar idea! I ordered some for my twins and I can’t wait for them to come. I love your blog…I get on every day practically! You are so creative…I never new in highschool…just kidding! I have used so many of your ideas! I just love it! Anyway, I’ll let you know how the caterpillar thing goes.

  6. I would like to order some of these painted lady catapillars so they will metaporpose by the time my Grandchildern come the first of July. I raise butterflies, having raised 4 kinds last year and releasing 4 dozen. I mostly raise monarchs. They will not be ready to hatch the first of July with our late Spring and growing season.

  7. I’m just so grossed out by this, I have the heebie jeebies.

    This doesn’t bode well for the two little boys under my care.

  8. Such a cool idea Marie, my son is VERY into caterpillars. The very hungry caterpillar is a much loved book in our house. I may have to try this!

  9. My boys loved this. We actually lost a couple while trying to transport them with us to Utah a few years ago. Couldn’t let them emerge while on vacation.

    It’s great!

  10. Jos – I haven’t heard how it could be bad for the environment. That’s interesting. It is an amazing process and a really neat science experiment for kids though.

    Lynne – Yeah! I can’t wait to see your progress.

    Vanessa – That is hilarious about your moth eaten clothes. These aren’t moths, they are Painted Lady Butterflies. And if you have them in their habitat to hatch, you should be safe from them flying around the house!

    Kim – Thanks for finding me. I love Today’s Creative Blog.

  11. yay!! ours are all butterflies now. think we’ll let them go next week on a nice day. It’s been lots of fun. their names are: Curly, Handsome, Pretty, Andrew & Caroline–so random; kids are funny.

  12. I found my way to you from Kim at Creative Blog – I just need to say you are officially my hero!!! With 4 kids {one that just turned 3, twin 18 month olds & an 8 week old – yeah I’m crazy!} I’m always looking for new stuff to do with them! You have great ideas that I’m planning on using from your site! Thanks! I will be back to visit!!

  13. Ok that is way cool, we are going to have to do that.
    One year though back in Maryland I did this on my own without telling my mom. I hid them in my room, they turned into moths, got out and put holes in all my clothes. My mom was so mad!!!

    But I am sure these aren’t moths :)

  14. Hi Marie!
    We hatch butterflies too! My son LOVES IT!!
    I’m going to be posting their progress as well. We just got the painted lady butterflies on 5/12. Any good projects to share?

    My class is also hatching them too. The kids LOVE to watch how fast they grow. It’s so amazing. We do in combination with a study of Brazil & the Amazon rainforest.

    As usual- I love your site!

  15. My kids really want to do this, but I’ve heard that it could be bad for the environment to release the butterflies. I don’t really see how though, still a very neat project for kids. I would love to do this too!

  16. Dana – If it makes a cocoon, then it is a moth. I think cocoons are fatter and they spin them. If it just solidifies and becomes harder, it is a chrysalis. How exciting to see what it turns into.

    Deidre – I am so glad you enjoyed the process. They are amazing creatures.

    Denise – An aquarium with tadpoles sounds amazing. That would be a really need transformation to watch up close.

    Samantha – They are a little creepy. I have been keeping them in my sons room so I don’t have to see them all the time. But now they are fine as they are in their chrysalids.

  17. Oh man, my kids want to do this so bad but the little things totally freak me out! :) I can’t wait to see your process all the way through, maybe it will motivate me to go for it! :) As always, thanks for sharing!!

  18. From reading your website we decided to give this a try. Our caterpillars are now in their cocoons. My youngest daughter is really exited about the whole thing.

    I actually found a habitat similar to the one I bought at Insect Lore at Target the other day. We already had our caterpillars so we didn’t buy it, but we are thinking about get the aquarium that comes with a tadpole.

  19. We just went through this entire process – letting our beautiful butterflies go yesterday. My girls were a little sad to let them go, but excited they were able to fly. It’s so neat to see the entire process.

  20. How stinkin’ cool is that? My youngest finds caterpillars outside and then we bring them in and research what kind they are and what kind of food they eat. She has one right now that has made it’s cocoon.

    Are those Monarchs?

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