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How To Make An Abominable Ugly Sweater

Cozy up for an Abominable movie night with the family, or host an Abominable ugly sweater party for family and friends. There is so much fun to be had this holiday season with the release of the #1 Original Animated Movie of the Year, Abominable! Now available on Digital, and on Blu-ray and DVD on December 17. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the kids too.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

After discovering a Yeti, named Everest, on the roof of her apartment building, teenage Yi and her two friends embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family. On the journey of their lifetimes, Everest helps Yi, Jin, and Peng unlock inner bravery they didn’t know they had. And as they travel across China to return the magical creature to his home, Everest will help them discover where they truly belong, too.

Abominable comes from the studio that brought you How To Train Your Dragon and the new release contains over an hour of bonus content, including 2 Original Shorts. It’s a beautiful story full of adventure and magical experiences. Sure to be a hit with both kids & adults!

How To Make An Abominable Ugly Sweater

Our Abominable ugly sweater is actually too cute featuring the fluffy and lovable character Everest the yeti.


  • Sweater
  • Fur (or you can use fleece on the body and fur for just the top of the head)
  • Fleece – white, black, grey, blue
  • Black cord
  • LED holiday lights with battery pack (don’t forget the batteries)
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Abominable template (download here)


The first thing you need to do is download template, but before you print it increase the size to 125% (it will then print over 4 pages).

Tip: I just loved this navy blue sweater (I found it at Target). It looked like snow was falling so I thought it would be perfect for this project, especially when I added the lighted ‘stars in the sky’ as well.

Cut out each of your pieces from the template. Fur can get very messy, so if you want less mess then feel free to make the body and legs for Everest out of fleece and then add just a small fur piece to the top of the head.

Tip: I used a spray adhesive around the sides of the cut fur to help keep the fur together. Just pop it onto a piece of cardboard to dry for about an hour before sewing it into place on the sweater.

Once you’ve cut all of your pieces of fur and fleece using the template as a guide, sew the main pieces into place on the sweater, and then use fabric glue to adhere the facial features, paws, and ears into place.

Now it’s time to add the lights.

Make sure your lights are LED (because they won’t get hot against the fabric) and that they have a small battery pack. Test them to make sure they work before you do anything else.

Depending on the type of fabric your sweater is made from you may be able to place the lights inside the sweater and poke them through the knit fabric. However, if you are like me and tend to do things the most difficult way possible (it’s something I’m working on), then you may have to cut small slits through the fabric, sew them like buttonholes, and then poke your lights through.

You can stitch the battery pack into the back of the sweater, but I prefer just to tuck it into the pocket of my jeans, that way it doesn’t weigh the fabric down.

Watch the trailer for Abominable below and download your copy of the movie today! Plus be sure to mark your calendar for December 17 when the Blu-ray and DVD are in stores, it’s the perfect holiday gift for family & friends.

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Make This Abominable Movie Ugly Sweater

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