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Milestone Birthday Countdown

It’s birthday season around my house.  In between the poopie diapers, bills, and laundry, I’ve got birthdays on what’s left of my mind:  What to do for the party?  Should I make a fancy or lazy cake?  What gifts should I buy?  Can I handle this??  Needless to say, I’m checking them off, one by one, and we’ve had a great time.

But, with all of these thoughts about birthdays, I’ve stumbled upon a super fun way to celebrate  milestone birthdays.  I think every culture, religion, and family has different birthdays that they consider milestones.  Whether it be the age where you start driving, the age you get to wear makeup, or the big 40…50…60…, you get the idea.  So, because milestones are such a big deal, how fun would it be to do a little birthday countdown, leading up to the grand day?

We all know the song that goes, “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….“?  Well, it’s like that, birthday style. ..and, counting down, rather than up.

What you do is find as many people that know/love the birthday person, and have them give a gift on their designated day.  For example, let’s say Sissy just turned the big, important 16.  The age where they know everything AND get to drive.  Whoo!  So, we find 16 amazing Sissy-friends/family and assign them a day, one of the sixteen leading up to her birthday.  They get multiple gifts (of the same thing), the same amount as their assigned day, and deliver them to the birthday girl on their given day.


16 Days Before Sissy’s Birthday – 16 delivered balloons (courtesy of assigned friend or family member)

15 Days Before Sissy’s Birthday – 15 dollar gift card for iTunes (from a different friend or family member…and, so on.)

14 Days – 14 bottles of nail polish

13 Days – 13 favorite songs on a CD (to play in her car…the minivan, when its available.)

12 Days – 12 roses

11 Days – an outing to the 11:00 movie

10 Days – 10 packages of gum

9 Days – A new journal, with an entry of 9 things you love about the birthday gal.

8 Days – 8 earrings (4 pairs)

7 Days – 7 minutes in heaven…just kidding.  Remember that game?? A small cooler with ice cream and 7 toppings.

6 Days – 6 coupons to Redbox

5 Days – 5 hair accessories

4 Days – 4 wonderful books to read

3 Days – 3 framed pictures of her with friends and family

2 Days – 2 gift certificates for a pedicure

1 Day – 1 personalized key chain

Birthday – Something really special and a big party!

I think it would be best to let the gift-givers decide on the gift, so they can put their own thoughts into it and keep it in their budget.

And, there you have it…a milestone birthday they will never forget!  They will love having lots of people involved and know that they are important and loved.  Ahhh, sweet.


  1. When my brother turned 30, my sister-in-law asked everyone to give him 30 of something. My kids sent him 30 pieces of gum – each wrapped in wrapping paper. I thought about 30 $1 gift cards to Starbucks, but didn’t want to burden Starbucks. Other people gave him 30 lotto tickets, 30 piece lego set, $30 to Starbucks, etc. It was a cute idea and fun.

  2. I made 50 cupcakes for my MIL’s big day and each cupcake had a note attached to it that was a childhood memory or the like supplied to me by her sisters and friends. 50 different people brought in the cupcakes throughout her workday.

  3. I love this idea! My husband is turning 50 in 89 days, so I’m going to see what I can come up with (Do we even have 50 friends who would participate?) My mom turned 70 this year, and I threw her a surprise party, and my MIL turned 75 this year and we had a big bash.
    It is the year of the milestone birthday! Love your posts.

    1. Sounds like you’ve been busy! If there are any grandkids in the family, I think it would be fun to let them have a day too…they could make their grandpa 50 cookies, print up 49 funny jokes, track down 48 of their favorite pictures and make a little scrapbook, and so on. Hope it turns out great! Thanks for the comment :)

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