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Muddy Buddies

Thanks to this Chex recipe, I have been making Muddy Buddies since the early 90’s. When there’s no other treats in the house, I know I have all the ingredients to make these little buddies. And they’re ready in minutes for the perfect quick snack!

Muddy Buddies Recipe (My Version is slightly different than Chex using any cereal I have, and nothing is really measured)

  • Chocolate chips, whatever I have, usually semisweet
  • Glop of Peanut butter
  • Whatever cereal is on hand – Chex, Kix, Cheerios, Rice Krispies – not really flaky ones
  • Some Powdered Sugar

Pour your chocolate chips into a Microwave safe bowl. Heat them on high for 1 minute at a time and stirring, do not burn! Then add your glop of peanut butter and heat for another 30 seconds. Stir these two yummies together!

Then add in your cereal of choice. I had Cheerios and Crisp Rice on hand. I just pour it in, not measuring. Start with less and you can always add more. Stir it all up. I like to stir this with the knife I used to scoop out the peanut butter. Mix the cereal into the choco/peanut mix well.

Now add some powedered sugar. You want it all coated with the powder. I kept having to add more so that it stayed white.

Now it’s ready to eat. The best part about this recipe is that you can make as much or as little as you want. It can be a little personal bowl or a large family size one. I can go through a whole family size bowl of this on my own, but I did share this one with the kids :)


  1. Heres a tip: If you let the cereal and pb/choc mix cool down before pouring on the powedered sugar, they will coat completely white and not be sticky.

  2. Ahh, muddy buddies…I used to make these all of the time in middle school and high school, just ask Jordan. I should give you the recipe to pigeon mix – it’s what Dixie used to make for all our boating trips. It’s sooooo good – you’d definately like it.

  3. Vanessa and Laura – I hear ya on the “not good for my muffin top”. It is too good and easy to eat the whole thing myself.

    And I too think M&M’s sound like the perfect addition! I will be adding those. I have been loving the mini baking M&M’s lately.

    Crystal – I am not sure about soy butter, I’ve never tried it. Let me know if you do. You could even just use the chocolate with powdered sugar and it would taste great!

  4. love this stuff … never thought to add m&ms … sunds awesome. anyone ever try it with soy butter? my boys are allergic to pb.

  5. MMMMM!!! I made these yummy treats this last weekend and I LOVE THEM!!!! I would make more but its not good for my muffin top I am trying to loose. Thanks for sharing your version. I make mine with Chex cereal.

  6. I blame muddy buddies on why I have not last my last 10 pounds after having kids :) That stuff is so flippin good :)
    And if you add some MnMs in too, its almost to much!

  7. MMm yummy! Great snack idea – and it’s something my 9 yr old could do herself! I’m keeping this bookmarked as a summer fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

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