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Our Park City Mountain Resort Ski Day

We recently had a day out with the family skiing up at Park City Mountain Resort. It was a blast! Jordan and I went skiing all day, while our two oldest kids took “first timer” ski lessons from the Resort’s amazing instructors!

I’ve been lucky to live in Utah near so many great ski resorts, and Park City is one of the best. They have fabulous skiing in the winter and fun biking and hiking in the summer. They even have a great blog with ideas on how to get the whole family out playing in the fun called, Snow Mamas.

Here’s my son skiing down the hill with his class. His Signature 5 class got to be out on the mountain all day, with lunch in between. With one instructor and just three kids, he received plenty of attention and had some great ski time and is now hooked. He’s been coming up with ways to earn money to pay for his own skis!

Here’s my daughter on the “magic carpet” with her teeny tiny cutest ever skis and boots. In the Signature 3 program, they ski 2 times for 75 minutes each, with lunch and inside play time in between. Her instructors were great helping her learn to use her wedge.

Then while the kids were having fun on their own, Jordan and I were able to hit the slopes too. It was amazing. The resort is huge with so many lifts and runs. The staff was so helpful and friendly. Mountain hosts were at the top of every run to director us on where to go. Unfortunately I couldn’t last the whole day. It’s a reminder for me to get in better shape.

And after our fun day on the mountain, we were able to go on their Alpine Roller Coaster. You’d think you could only ride this in the summer, but no, we had a blast going fast in the freezing cold!

All in all, it was a great experience that everyone in the family enjoyed. It’s something we’ll definitely be doing again. Thanks to PCMR, we were given a fun family day we’ll never forget!

This Giveaway is now Closed

Park City Mountain Resort Giveaway

Now I’m excited to tell you that Park City Mountain Resort is happily giving away 2 lift tickets for this season of skiing. So if you’re a local or if you’re coming to town, here’s your chance to ski for free.

Giveaway Entries: For your chance to win 2 free lift tickets to Park City Ski Resort, leave a comment on this post by Thursday, February 26th @ midnight. I’ll announce the snowy winner chosen from random on Friday morning February 27th.


  1. The kids are too cute…awesome way to intro them to a life long sport. We are headed to PC for our first time in late March…looking forward to it.

  2. I hope I win for my husband! He loves skiing but ever since we got married he hasn’t gone…because of me!! I hate the cold and snow! Please pick me so I can surprise him!!

  3. I live in SLC, love your site and recommendations on local things. Would also love to win this giveaway! Thanks!

  4. My husband is a firefighter and has HazMat training out there next month, and I will be joining him. We would LOVE to ski while there! How cool would that be?

  5. Awesome giveaway – after living in Utah for 7 years, my 18 yr. old decided to take up skiing.

  6. Well, let’s just say that if I win the tix, I’ll have all the more reason to swing by for a visit! :)

  7. Ah, Park City! LOVE that place! I grew up getting to go there every so often and stay at a cabin that my Dad’s company owned. What great memories! Seriously, this post just unlocked so many of my childhood memories! Fun. I had no clue the Alpine Slide would be open in the Winter. That conveyor belt looks like such a great idea (can you tell it’s been a long time since I’ve been skiing?).

  8. Love Park City! Awesome place. Wishing I was there in the snow, but no… down in Sunny Florida. :D(… No need to sign me up because I am thousands of miles away. :D( Love your ideas thanks for blogging!

  9. Funny that I saw this as I just had a tweet http://twitter.com/hdean/status/1246804704 about me looking for flight and cabin deals to PC. I’m here in Wash. DC and just picked up skiing last year and never done west coast skiing. I’ve only skiied locally in my area..which ain’t saying much, but fell in love with the sport.

    I was invited by a friend who is going and would love to jump on this deal. I’d be happy to post my own PC Ski story as a way to show thanks. This would certainly ease the financial burden by a bit as well. Thank you regardless.

  10. Oh wow! That would be fabulous! The Pilot and I have not gone skiing since Valentine’s Day four years ago! I sure hope I win! {{crossing fingers}}

  11. I’m new to your blog & really enjoy the crafty ideas! Please sign me up for the ski pass giveaway : I’d love to share a day on the slopes with my husband.

  12. This was like a message from the Lord!
    I swear “signs” have been reminding me that I need to take my kids to the mountains and teach them to ski. Before Jamie and I got married, we use to ski all the time. But after our first.. times were tough and didn’t have the money to do such a thing. Then, after our second shortly came our third. So now that our third is 3.. it is time!
    I would like to suggest my name to be considered. I would greatly appreciate this!

  13. Wow! it would be so cool to win these tickets. With the economy being so sucky I had to tone down the spending and unfortunately skiing is a luxury right now.

  14. if i win, i am totally surprising my husband with a little weekend getaway, not to mention great utah skiing. thanks for the chance.

  15. Truly PCMR is the best resort in Utah!! I would so love to win these tickets since I will be in Utah before the season is over and I haven’t been skiing in 2 years. I miss it soooo much!! Please please pick me!

  16. I think that you have the cutest blog ever, what fun. I have 5 little ones who would love to learn to ski also, I am so excited for this!

  17. I love your pictures! We are headed to Park City next Sunday and can’t wait. 2 free tickets would be great! We are there for the whole week. I was thinking of using their snowboard school for my 10 year old son. You are so lucky to live nearby.

  18. It’s been AGES since I’ve skiied Park City–looks like a total blast! I’d love to win free tickets, maybe that’ll give me the motivation to get those skiis back on (I haven’t been since before my almost 6 year old son was born)!!

  19. It sounds like your family had a great time. I know my boys would love to give it a try! Count us in!

  20. Wow! You are so thoughtful. What a wonderful giveaway. I would come visit just for a chance at doing this. Seeing family in Utah is always fun.

  21. Thanks so much, how fun! My husband has only been skiing once this season and wants so badly to go again. I would love to surprise him with this! :)

  22. My son and husband would LOVE to go, I just had a wedding and two new missionaries leave out of all of my kids so we are on a tight budget and this would be such fun!

  23. Wow, it looks like lots of fun! We love escaping to Park City in the summer, but haven’t ever skied there. It would be great to have an excuse…

  24. How fun. Sure do love to ski, but don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. What a great giveaway!

  25. We want to come to town and this would give us the perfect excuse to do it. Or we could pass it on to some friends or family who would love it. :)

  26. I would love to take my husband skiing! It’s something we have never done together and I think it would be a blast! Awesome giveaway!

  27. Remember our good old snowboarding days? I miss them! I would love to win tickets…I can’t afford to pay anymore!

  28. I LOVE skiing!! Never been to Park City for it though, mainly just Alta and Brighton. I really want to take my kids and plan to every year, and then never get around to it. I’m pregnant this year so, again, they probably still won’t get to go. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun though!!! This would be such a cool giveaway to win….thanks for giving us an opportunity!!!

  29. YAHOO! I haven’t been skiing in years and my husband is starting to believe I can’t really do it! I’d love this! And he’d love it even more!!!

  30. We love skiing/snowboarding in my family. Unfortunately we live in Florida now (hubby going to school) but all of my siblings and parents live in Heber City. If I win, I’d pass the tickets on to my sister and brother to enjoy the beautiful skiing weather!

  31. Oh how fun! My husband I would love this! We finally got skis for Christmas this year, so we could use some time on them!

  32. I would totally drive up from St. George for this!!! I haven’t even been skiing once this year so I think I need to win!!

  33. I’ve never skiied at Park City and would love to give it a shot – we usually stick to the Cottonwood Canyon resorts.

  34. I would LOVE to win these tickets! I started skiing when I was 4 and skied all through college, but once I got married and started our family we haven’t been able to afford to go. These tickets would be a PERFECT getaway!

  35. ooh oohh pick me, pick me! My wife has never been skiing and we live here, I’d love to take her up on the slopes and teach her how.

  36. Man, I haven’t been snowboarding in a few years (or skiing ever) and I miss the feeling of being in the sun up above a storm. Nothing compares to Utah’s mountains. Love the picture of your girl on the magic carpet, by the way.

  37. I would love to treat my husband to a wonderful day of skiing. He loves to go, but hasn’t been since we have been married and now we can’t afford it. Pretty Please. Here is hoping.

  38. ooh, ooh! pick me! does the fact that the only date my husband and i have been on in the last year was for our anniversary, and that was just last week make a difference?

  39. ohhh…that is great. My husband and I are trying to pick up snowboarding this year, and would love to try park city. Thanks

  40. Ah…looks like you guys had a super fun day skiing on the best snow on earth. My hubby would leap for joy to win these lift tickets.

  41. I live in SLC. I’m not a skier but my hubby is. He hasn’t been skiing in a few years. He’d love this! I’d love to win it for him. Thanks for the giveaway!

    annette.burke1978 at gmail dot com

  42. Pick me, pick me! I moved to from SLC to Idaho about 5 years ago, and I love to come as often as I can!!!

  43. OOO. I need tickets.

    This is a great article. PCMR has one of the best beginner areas in Park City. Definitely the place to go to learn how to ski or snowboard.

  44. We’re heading to Park City 3/5 – 3/8 :) Your tips from your trip were very helpful!
    Sign me up!!
    Thanks! :)

  45. We are going to be in Utah in about a week! Sign us up… we love Park City.

    P.S. It was great meeting you this weekend.

  46. Oh yeah…you better believe I’d love to get out on those slopes. I learned to ski at Park City and have always LOVED IT!!! Thanks for the chance Marie.

  47. My husband has been driving me crazy to go skiing! He would be THRILLED–especially because Park City is his favorite place to ski!

  48. I lived in Utah for school and I never went skiing or snowboarding once. Well, actually I’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding ever…..I know I’m missing out.

  49. Oh my goodness, those skis are the cutest things ever!!! I would love to win a season pass, it would totally get used by my husband and me!
    My 4 year old just learned to snowboard and is also hooked now. Love it!

  50. I was born and raised in Utah and still living there and it is sad to say that I have never been skiing. I want so badly to learn and especially be able for my dd to learn. She’s a little young, but I would still enjoy this! Plus, after the big stress of moving, this would be a welcomed retreat for a day.

    It certainly looks like your family had a great time! I love the photo of your daughter on the magic carpet.

  51. It was so much fun meeting your cute little family. I am so happy that your son is “hooked” and is trying to raise money to buy skis! Can’t wait to meet the winner of the two lift tickets.

  52. I haven’t been skiing since I’ve been married and that’s about 12 years. I would love to go skiing and take my little boy who could pass off his skiing belt loop in cubscouts.


  53. What an awesome giveaway! All the rest of our fam is in Utah and I have a BIL and SIL that really need a getaway. This would be perfect! Thanks for hosting this!:)

  54. My kids have been dying to try the REAL slopes. My son has never been skiing on a real ski hill. He takes a snow board every time we go sledding, but he’s never tried it at an actual resort. This would make a fun mom and son outing.

  55. Oh I neeeeeeeed these! We are coming to live with my parents next week, FYI. So hopefully we will get to hang out soon.

  56. Very cute kids! We aren’t local, but I know some people who are who would KILL for these. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  57. Awww, your family all looks so cute in your ski gear, but your daughter takes the cake! I’ll enter the drawing on behalf of my BIL who loves Utah skiing! :)

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