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Perfecting the Shirley Temple

My good friend Carina, over at The Jet Set, has been perfecting some of her delicious mocktail drink recipes. I love the classic Shirley Temple and she’s sharing her recipe that makes it perfection, especially for kids! Head on over for the recipe and for a classic silly face from her son!


  1. I just introduced my kids to the Shirley Temple. I can remember perfectly the day I met my first one!
    They are so fun and so tasty!

  2. I’m so behind on my reading I didn’t even notice until today! Thanks for the shout-out, making mocktails with your kids is really fun. I just put up a virgin bloody mary recipe, which, shhhh, is mostly just veggies.

    I update that shirley temple post with the original-original recipe. Good stuff!

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