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Pipe Cleaner Heart-Shaped *LOVE* Goggles

Are you looking for LOVE? Well, these *love* goggles are here to help. And so are pipe cleaners. They are just begging to be bent into a heart shape. So today we’re looking for *love* with these festive heart pipe cleaner glasses. You gotta *LOVE* it!

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Heart-Shaped *Love* Goggles:

  •  3 pipe cleaners per pair of glasses
  • scissors
  • Yup, that’s it…I love easy crafts!)

1. Bend 1 pipe cleaner in half into a V shape.

2. Bend the 2 ends together and twist to form the heart indent.

Repeat for a second heart.

3. Cut a small 1/2 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Use this to attach the two hearts together at the eye glasses “rim”.

4. Cut 1 more pipe cleaner in half. Attach each half onto the outside of each heart, to create the part that goes over the ears.

We also made a mini version of our glasses. We used half cut pipe cleaners for each heart instead of a full pipe cleaner. They turned out fun too.

Now you’re ready to look heart-tastic!

Or if you’re my son, you’re grumpy about wearing heart glasses! He’s NOT looking for *love*, or so he says. My 3 year old isn’t quite sure about it either. But leave it to my giggly 6 year old to love the *love* goggles the most!! She’s always lookin’ for love. I’m in trouble with that one :)



  1. These are poky and uncomfortable on the face. I feel sorry for the children who are obviously unhappy wearing these in the pictures. While the concept is cute pipe cleaners are too rough of a textured medium to make any child wear such scratchy material so close to delicate eyes. Please use common sense and kindness and pass on pipe cleaner glasses. Maybe use felt or some other soft material.

  2. these glasses were so cute, they went along with our bible verse for sunday school. blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

  3. The pictures just make the post! I don’t get to hang out with kids young enough to pull this off, but I think I may tweak it from hearts to shamrocks for my St. Patrick’s Day party next month. It’ll be a little bit trickier, but I think I can persuade the adults to wear them :)

  4. We made these today at my son’s Valentine’s Day party. The second graders LOVED them! His teacher is out sick on leave, so we took a photo of the kids in their goggles and texted it to her. She loved it! Thanks for the great idea!!

  5. These are hilarious and so adorable! You just brought a huge smile to my face. I’m going to make a pair, and wear them around to pass that smile along. Thank you for making my afternoon. :-)

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