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Make Valentines Easy with these 5 Pipe Cleaner Hearts

With Valentine’s day coming up fast, I know you’ll want something super simple to make with your kids and decorate your home! I know I do, I’m always looking for simple ideas. So here are 5 ways to make pipe cleaner hearts. Really, so easy and the kids will be working on those small motor skills as they twist and bend these pipe cleaners – gotta love educational fun!

5 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Valentine's Day

5 Pipe Cleaner Hearts to Make

Watch our video to see all the fun and how simple these crafts are to create for Valentine’s Day! Any one of these ideas would be the perfect craft to make and add to a Valentine’s day card for your teacher, friends, and classmates. Especially your loved ones.

1. Heart Glasses

Or we actually call them LOVE goggles, haha! They are so much fun to wear around the spread the love on Valentine’s day, or any day really.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Glasses

2. Hearts Hanging

Make several basic heart shapes out of pipe cleaner and then add them to string for a few festive hanging hearts! We love hanging ours near a window for them to spread cheer to all our neighbors.

Pipe Cleaner Hanging Hearts

3. Heart Rings

One of my favorite pipe cleaner crafts is to make them into rings! These would be perfect for little gifts for all your classmates and friends this Valentines.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

4. Heart Paper Clips

These are especially fun to make for teachers! Once you create your heart shape, it turns into a darling paper clip for all your paper organization!

Pipe Cleaner heart paper clips

5. Heart Bow & Arrows

Cupid would be proud to see these pipe cleaner arrows created in the name of LOVE! Dart these around to help bring love to to all around you.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Arrows

Have fun making all sorts of simple and easy pipe cleaner crafts into hearts for Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this will help you catch a love bug :)

Pipe Cleaner Valentine Hearts to make

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