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Pipe Cleaner Paper Clip Hearts

Pipe cleaners and hearts just seem to go together. We’ve made rings, love goggles, and now these super sweet paper clips. They are perfect for attaching all kinds of paper. I bet there’s a teacher or two who would love a set of these for Valentines!

Pipe Cleaner Heart Paper Clips makeandtakes.com

Supplies for Paper Clip Hearts:

  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • something to clip :)

1. Depending on the size of paper clip you want, cut your pipe cleaner to desired length. Each of mine were 4 inches long for a mini one. You could go smaller or bigger.

2. Bend your pipe cleaner in half for the bottom of the heart.

3. Fold the two ends in to the center and twist them together.

4. Bend and crease the corners of the heart on all sides to give it more of a clip-type feel.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Paper Clip Instructions makeandtakes.com

5. It’s ready for paper. Maybe even some paper hearts!

Clipping Pipe Cleaner Paper Clips makeandtakes.com

Happy clipping!

Pipe Cleaner Heart Clips makeandtakes.com


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