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Pom Pom Valentine Love Bug Magnets

This Valentine’s we’re crafting cute little love bug magnets for my children’s classmates. Yep… 75 of these will be made between my 3 kids. Lots of pipe cleaners and googly eyes!!

Pom Pom Valentine Lovebug Magnets @makeandtakes.com

For a little added fun, my son is turning his bugs into aliens and monsters by gluing on only one big googly eye in the center.

You can keep these love bugs as small toys or add on a magnet to the bottom of the heart feet. By adding a magnet, kids can decorate their lockers at school or on their refrigerators at home!

Here are Lucy and I crafting Valentine Love Bug Magnets:

Cute Valentine Pom Pom Lovebugs @makeandtake.com

We will be showcasing our Craftspiration videos all year long to celebrate holidays and events throughout the year. Yippee!

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  1. Do you have a one sheet instruction sheet you can share for the Pom Pom Valentine Love Bug Magnets? Thanks!

    1. Susan – Here are some tutorial details:

      Supplies: pompoms, pipe cleaners, heart foam stickers, googly eyes, magnets, glue

      Glue a pom pom to a heart sticker. Glue the small cut pipe cleaners onto the top of the pom pom. Glue the eyes on. Glue on the Magnet. Let it dry overnight if using white glue.

      That’s it. Super easy… unless you make them for the whole class, then it just takes a bit of time!

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