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Quick and Easy Sewn Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are a beautiful accent for any party or home decor.  They are really easy to make and can match any theme.

First, you will need to start with cardstock punched out in your desired shape. You can use punches, die cut machines, a Cricut, or just plain scissors.

Next, you will need to use your sewing machine to sew the shapes together.

You can sew your shapes as close or as far apart as you like.

When you are satisfied with the length of your garland, just snip it off.  Viola!

Here’s a sample of a bird garland we made to match a bird themed party.  This was a nice accent to our dessert table and really added a pop of color.

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  1. My question is similar to the one above, about the space in between pieces. I was trying this earlier today and my machine dropped the stitch and th eneedle would come unthreaded each time there was a gap between pieces. SHould I adjust the tension?

  2. i love the idea of paper garland and have been planning to sew some heart garland soon, but i’m a sewing machine novice (inherited mine from a friend recently) and i’m wondering whether it messes up the machine when the needle goes down in between the paper… like in the space between the paper hearts. will it tangle? do you only sew when you’re on the paper part and just leave space in between, or do you keep the needle going the whole time? gosh, i hope my question makes sense… thanks!

  3. Totally making these today! I have some great paper I’ve been wanting to use for the boys’ bedrooms. Can’t wait!!!

  4. Yes, sewing paper can dull your needle or even bend the tip. Pay attention to your needle as you sew. Try using a universal needle just for paper. When you are done with your paper project, change your needle back to your sewing needle and save the paper needle for your next project. If your needle is bent-toss it. Do not save it. You could damage your machine if you continue to use it.

  5. Way cute. Quick question: I’ve heard that paper dulls the sewing machine needle or that you have to use a different needle or something. Can you address that? Thanks!

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