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Race Car Birthday Party Ideas that Go Zoom

Race cars have always been a hit at our house. They seem to be in every toy bucket or bin we have. We have yet to celebrate with a race car birthday, but I’ve come up with a few ideas and activities that might be fun for a party.


  • Fuel up with with some Root Beer Floats
  • Make these fun Cake Roll Cars. Stick 2 pretzels into the side of a cake roll. Add mini marshmallows for the wheels and m&m candies for the lights.

Cake: Here’s a change from cupcakes to donuts. These are Donut Tire Cakes, these won’t taste like rubber!


  • Racing Cars – Set up this paper tube race car track to race 2 toy cars. See this Race Car Track post for details.

  • Race Car Obstacle – I found a swimming inner tube at the dollar store that looks just like a large black tire. Have the child hold this around their waist or even roll it on the ground like a tire. Set up an obstacle course with a jump and orange cones, and a mini spray bottle car wash that they have to run through while holding their tire.
  • Time to Wash the Car – Get all the toy bikes and cars out on the lawn for a good washing. We used water guns and these Water Sponge Toys to scrub them down.
  • Shaving Cream Cars – This is an easy table time activity. Squirt a quarter size of shaving cream onto the table in front of each child. Give them one or two cars to cruise around in the shaving cream with. You can use a table cloth, dinner mats, or just right on top of your table.

Party Time Filler: Put together a 20 minute clip showing some Monster Truck action or even some footage from a Nascar race. You could even show some of the Disney movie, Cars.

Have you celebrated with a Race Cars Birthday? Share your fun ideas.


  1. I made the race cars for my sons preeschool class and they loved them. Thanks so much for sharing !!!

  2. I made the cars for my son’s class party. There was 24 kids total. It was very affordable and doable!! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. I LOVE the tire cakes! You’re so creative!

    My boy will be three this year, and I will definitely keep this in mind.

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