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Rainbow Threaded Embroidery Hoop

We’re having fun with rainbow crafts this month to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My kids go gaga for all things rainbow, anything that will lead them to a leprechaun. So here’s a fun rainbow wheel of awesome as we threaded an embroidery hoop to hang!

Rainbow Thread Embroidery Hoops makeandtakes.com

Supplies for Rainbow Thread Embroidery Hoop:

  • embroidery thread in rainbow colors
  • embroidery hoop – any size, mine is 3 inches in diameter below
  • scissors

Rainbow Threaded Hoop Supplies

1. Unhook your hoop to work with just the inner piece.

2. Take one color of thread and begin to wrap it around your hoop. You can wrap it as thin or thick as you like. I wrapped mine about 15 times around.

3. Cut off the thread and tie a knot with the two loose ends. Trim the ends about 1/4 cm from the knot. These knots will get hidden.

Wrapping Thread Around an Embroidery Hoop

To make it easier to thread around evenly, mark your hoop with crayon or pencil where you’d like your thread to be spaced.

Marking Notches for Threading

4. Wrap all 6 colors of thread around your hoop and tie them off.

Wrapping Rainbow Thread Around a Hoop

5. Open the outside hoop as large as you can and place it around your inner hoop. It should cover all the knots from your thread to make it look seamless. Tighten up your hoop as tight as you can to help the thread stay in place.

Rainbow Thread Embroidery Hoop Craft

6. Attach strands of rainbow thread through the top and make a loop for hanging.

Rainbow Thread Embroidery Hoop makeandtakes.com

Now it’s ready to bring on the color. Maybe there’s a little gold to be found at the end of this rainbow!


  1. You could do this with a bigger hoop and yarn if you wanted. And any color scheme would work. Different shades of blue, for example, would be so cute in a boys room.

  2. I love this!!! So much color! It’s a great idea for St. Patrick’s Day or any other day! I can’t get enough color. :)

  3. I love this idea! So much potential to add pops of colour to rooms just to lift you up and inspire. My girls and I will definitely bust out the embroidery thread stash for this – now to get some little hoops just for this. Thanks

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