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Recycled Egg Carton Pine Cone Craft

We’re crafting egg cartons into pine cones, helping us celebrate and decorating our home for fall.

Supplies for Egg Carton Pine Cones:

  • one dozen egg carton
  • brown paint
  • paint brush
  • paint bowl
  • paper towels or newspaper
  • scissors (adult)
  • 1 brown pipe cleaner per pine cone

1. Cut apart your egg carton into single carton cups.

2. Paint each of your single carton cups with your brown paint. We only painted the outside, but feel free to paint the inside too if you want a more “brown” all over look.

3. Let these dry completely, you may need to wait overnight.

4. With a pair of scissors (adult only) pierce a hole into the bottom center of each single carton cup.

5. String your carton cups onto the brown pipe cleaner, one by one. Add at least 4, but for best results, add 7-8 of the single carton cups.

We also added on the little cone pieces that we cut from the egg carton, painting them and added them onto the pine cone to help give it a pointy top and bottom.

6. Curl the top and bottom of your pipe cleaner so the egg carton cups won’t fall off.

Now it’s ready to display. It blends in nicely, right? Just like the real thing ;)


  1. I would be concerned about bird and animals eating on these. I would skip the paint all together and let the animals take what they want. They are always on the hunt for new items to make their nest out of. Paint although says non toxic isnt always true. Be really green and make as is with no paint. Very cute project!

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