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22 Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for Earth Day

Earth Day is on it’s way- April 22nd. In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing 22 ways in which we can help improve our earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling. We’ve gathered ways to celebrate and recycle for Earth Day!

22 Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to Celebrate Earth Day

*Make sure to get the kids involved and help encourage taking care of our planet for years to come!

Kids Crafting with Paper Tubes

22 Ways to Recycle for Earth Day

1. 50 crafts to make with kids to recycle for Earth Day: I’ve gathered all the fun crafts we’ve made here at Make and Takes that include recycled materials. Add a little glue or paint and you’re set for an earth-friendly craft day! Kids will love this Egg Carton Art idea!

2. Always carry reusable grocery bags: I try to carry a scrunched up reusable bag in my purse at all times. I also keep a few cloth bags in the back of my car. It’s super simple to keep them near you and bring into the grocery store!

3. Sew a reusable lunch sack: find some material that needs a little upcycle and turn it into a reusable lunch sack for the kids to take to school.

4. Grow your own wheatgrass for Easter: you can start growing your own wheatgrass now and it will be long and luscious for Easter time. Put this real grass into your baskets to decorate this holiday.

5. Hit the thrift store: here are 4 tips to making your trip to the thrift store a success.

6. Reupholster furniture: instead of buying something brand new, purchase an inexpensive piece of furniture from the thrift store and give it a little TLC as you DIY!

7. Go green with Halloween costumes: find a neighborhood swap for exchanging your Halloween costumes or make a few calls and see if you can borrow this year. This will help your wallet too!

8. Host an earth-friendly party: from sending electronic invites to reusable dinnerware, you can host a fun and fabulous “green” party!

9. Tips to a greener kitchen: follow these tips to a green kitchen and it will save you time and money, as well as the planet.

10. 4 ways to be green at school: turning your engine off as you wait in the carpool line is just one of the ways Sabrena shares how to be green at school.

11. What to do with all the kids art projects: here are a few ways to reuse and recycle your children’s art projects, as they bring home so many from school.

12. Use shoe boxes in your sock drawer: using shoe boxes in a great way to make dividers for a sock and underwear drawer!

13. Maximize your garden with the Square-Foot method: get the most out of your vegetable garden with this fun to do square-foot method!

14. Compost your trash: save what you can from dinner for the compost and add it to your bin. Or do a little research to see if your city has a compostable program or pick up in your area.

15. Host a recycled art challenge: put together your own neighborhood or school recycled art challenge. This will encourage kids to get involved in reusing items for fun craft projects.

16. Set your clothes out to drip dry: in the warm summer months, or depending on where you live, you can set up a good ol’ fashioned clothes line to go green.

17. Bring plastic recycled containers to the beach: this is a great way to reuse your plastic containers and they make for fun sand castle shapes!

18. Make your own bread crumbs: by using up those pesky ends of bread loaves, you can make your own homemade bread crumbs for all sorts of recipes.

19. Glam up old toys: I love the gold glittery craze that’s hitting everything DIY. Turn your children’s old toys into something new with a little paint.

20. Make plastic grocery bag creations: how about making a fun snowman or bunny rabbit with recycled grocery bags

21. Craft with old envelopes: turn your old envelopes into a fun craft for the kids with these darling puppets.

22. Creative with ways to recycle and craft: watch our video sharing how to use up your recycled materials for crafty projects.

Have fun crafting as you reduce, reuse, and recycle for Earth day!

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