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Road Trip Grab Bags for Traveling with Kids

We’re planning a big lonnnnnng family trip with the kids to go visit some of our cousins, so we’re assembling some Road Trip Grab Bags to help us along the way. As we’re excited to see family, I tend to dread the car drive to get there. The drive is 12 hours each way. But with a little prep ahead of time, you’ll be set with some really fun ideas and activities for the kids as you trek along.

Road Trip Grab Bags

This year, partnered with the Post-it Brand, I’ve come up with a fun way to make the drive a little more enjoyable for everyone!

Create Road Trip Grab Bags


Setting Up Road Trip Grab Bags

Assembling the bags:

1. Number all of your bags. I love these Post-it Super Sticky Full Adhesives Notes because they have the adhesive on the entire back. They’re perfect for these bags as they get packed in the car, you know the note will stay put, but you can easily remove or move them around when you need to as well.

2. Add your items to each bag. You might want to think about how you’re going to number each item. If you have a treat as one of them, put it in the middle, so it’s a break from the games. Be sure to mix it all up from bag to bag.

3. Fold over the opening of your bags and staple them shut. You can use tape, but little hands know how to open and close tape without you knowing. A staple guarantees that each bag is a surprise.

Supplies for Road Trip Grab Bags

How to deliver each bag:

1. Place all your numbered bags in the car, just in another larger bag so they don’t take up too much space. You could even place these at the area of the kids feet.

2. Once you’re on the road, get out your #1 bag. But before you give the kids the bag, they have to answer a trivia question. Write these down with the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Car Visor Pop-up Note Dispenser. This can be any question, but I suggest you choose something about the scenery around you. I’m planning to have my kids look around them as we go and listen to what we talk about as we drive. My hope is that when they are not playing with their items from the bags, they can pay a little attention to their surroundings, giving them one more thing to do.

I’ll be sure to post again after the trip and let you know how it all goes. I’m pretty excited by these bags and the activities I have planned inside, so I’m hoping it will go over well.

Have fun on your travels with your road trip grab bags!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Post-it Brand, but ideas for a super cool road trip are mine!


  1. this is a great idea we are going on a flight to Disneyland with our toddler for the first time and I am going to try this on the flight. I will keep you posted.

  2. We just got back from a road trip to Oregon (12 hour drive). One thing that kept us sane was listening to music. My children like to sing along to the Kidz Bop albums.

    I’m curious to hear more about your grab bags. I’m always looking for new ideas to entertain the kids in the car.

    1. Yes, we did music and even a book on tape (Star Wars, all the kids loved it, me too!!)

      And these grab bags were a hit. I’m going to write up another post talking all about how they went! Stay tuned!

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